Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a mysterious metaphysic of Han Chinese with a long history. It is the power of the nature and the energy of the large magnetic field of the universe. Feng (wind) is the air and the field energy, while Shui (water) means flow and change. Feng Shui is a theory studying the micro materials (air, water and soil) and the macro environment (heaven and earth) which are vital to the human survival and development. The core idea of Feng Shui is the harmony between human and nature. 

House Feng Shui

Feng Shui is greatly used not in the old times but also in modern life. Here are some basic Feng Shui guidelines if you want to create good Feng Shui in your house, plan to build a new house or are looking to buy a house with good Feng Shui. 

Feng Shui Flying Star

Daily Auspicious Directions
The God of Joy: Northeast
The God of Happiness: North
The God of Wealth: Northeast

Feng Shui Directions

According to Feng Shui masters, if you sleep, sit or work by facing your lucky directions, and make your front door face those auspicious directions, you would be blessed with good luck in attracting more money, achieving success in career, health condition, personal relationship or personal development. To determine which Feng Shui directions are auspicious to you, you need to find out your Kua number first which is calculated by your date of birth and gender. Check your lucky and unlucky directions now.

Find Your Lucky Feng Shui Directions by Using Kua Number Feng Shui Kua Number Chart

Feng Shui Colors

Color is everywhere and it affects us all the time. How can we use colors correctly in house Feng Shui to pursue good fortune, avoid disaster and bring us good luck? Here are some principles you should follow and taboos you should learn to know.

Principles of Feng Shui Colors Color Taboos in Feng Shui


Feng Shui Items/Symbols and Their Meanings

In Feng Shui, the proper placing of some Feng Shui items not only can bring you wealth and treasure, but also can exorcise evil spirits. Placing some Feng Shui products in your house can safeguard your home and exorcise the evil spirits.

50 Practical Feng Shui Tips For Your House

Feng Shui can bring personal success, domestic happiness and even the prosperity of a country. Here are 50 useful Feng Shui tips for house derived from thousands of years' experience.

Feng Shui Remedies for Front Door

Feng Shui remedies for front door facing another door, front door facing downward or upward stairs, front door facing lift door, front door facing a high-rise, lamp/utility pole or big tree etc.

Bad Fengshui and Solutions

Tangible bad Feng Shui refers to the inauspicious Feng Shui patterns caused by the shape, structure, surrounding, environment and other elements. Here are most common bad Feng Shui samples. Check if your house has one of the problems. If so, solve it as possible as you can.

Feng Shui Tips for Mirror Placement

The mirror is not a good item in terms of Feng Shui because it can reflect and belongs to Yin, the negative principle in nature. The placement of the mirror at home directly affects the career, wealth, marriage, and even the health of the owner.

Feng Shui Cemetery

To select a good cemetery, both environment and Feng Shui shall be taken into account, so that it can bring good fortune to the owner's offspring. How to select a good cemetery?

Cemetery Feng Shui Taboos

Any mistake in choosing a cemetery and graveyard can cause losses to the owner's family. Therefore, attention should be paid to the taboos while choosing an auspicious cemetery.

Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter

Tai Sui refers to the Grand Duke Jupiter or the God of Year (or Grand Commander of the Year) who is in charge of people's fortune and is most powerful of the gods. In 2024 year of the Dragon, General Li Cheng is Tai Sui.

How to Get Rid of Bad Luck with Feng Shui?

If you have been dogged by bad luck or often make mistakes in daily life, then it is very likely that something goes wrong with your surrounding Feng Shui. Maybe it is caused by the change of your living environment or the bad magnetic field around. At this time, you need to improve your luck with Feng Shui.

Where is the Wealth Corner in Feng Shui?

Wealth corner (also known as money area, money corner or wealth corner), involves the luck in making money of a family or an individual and is a place where the positive energy gathers in a Feng Shui field. You need to find out the Money Area at your home and adorn it well.

Lucky Floor Numbers for Apartment in Feng Shui

When purchasing an apartment, besides considering its shape and surroundings, you should choose a favorable floor number. This is one of the most important Feng Shui elements for a house. If you choose the right floor number, you could enjoy a happy life after living in it. 

Do's and Don'ts for Moving into the New House

Moving is a big deal for everyone, as it means a new life and a fresh start of your family fortune. As a result, you should proceed with caution. Follow us to see what are the customs to observe and do's and don'ts in Feng Shui for moving into a new house.

7 Financial-loss Feng Shui Habits You Need to Know

In daily life, you may find you are easy to lose money, hard to earn money or your whole wealth fortune is not good. In terms of Feng Shui, there are some financial-loss Feng Shui habits that you may not know.

Air Conditioner Feng Shui for Home

Mainly used to circulate cooling and heating, the air conditioner blows air, which can create a Feng Shui magnetic field to activate ability and widen the energy field. It not only can blow the auspicious air into the room and bring you good luck, but also can spread the inauspicious energy and bring negative effect to your family.

How to Place Refrigerator for Good Feng Shui?

How to place your refrigerator for good luck in Feng Shui? In general, the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen. If your refrigerator is in the living room, do not have it face to the kitchen, or it may cause family disputes and conflicts.

How to Feng Shui Your Wardrobe?

Wardrobe, a big piece of furniture in bedroom, is used for storing clothes. The placement of wardrobe has a great impact on bedroom Feng Shui. The proper and well-placed wardrobe will bring you a peaceful mind. If it is placed improperly, your daily life and family happiness will be affected due to the violation of Feng Shui taboos.

Feng Shui Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Decorate your bedroom by using Feng Shui could enhance your fortune in many aspects. Here are some good bedroom decoration ideas in terms of plants, colors, light, furniture, bed, etc.

Feng Shui Paintings for Bedroom

Many people would like to hang an artistic or romantic decorative painting in bedroom. A good bedroom painting can benefit your sleep and health. What is the suitable bedroom painting? What are the Feng Shui taboos to be observed?

Feng Shui Tips and Cures for a Bed under Window

It's bad luck to place your bed under a window in Feng Shui. If your bed is right under a window, your sleep will be affected by bright light and your body energy will lose, which is adverse to your health and fortune. 

How to Choose Curtains for Good Feng Shui?

Curtains can block light and dust, protect privacy and adorn your rooms. From the perspective of Feng Shui, curtains can also affect the fate of the entire family. Then, how to choose right curtains to improve your fortune?

How to Place Clock for Good Feng Shui?

The hanging of clock shall follow strict rules in Feng Shui. The clock shall be placed in an auspicious rather than inauspicious direction, so as to block and take away the evil things. The front side of clock shall not face the interior but the window or balcony. Hanging the clock in the center of your living room is wrong. The best practice is to hang the clock at the door side.

Front Door Feng Shui Direction

Particular attention should be paid to the house direction in Feng Shui. If the front door has a poor direction, it will affect the fortune for the people living in the house.

Feng Shui Kitchen Stove

Tips and taboos for the stove of the kitchen: the stove should avoid black and red colors since red belongs to fire and the stove also belongs to fire, forming fire on fire which is harmful.

Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

The kitchen decoration Feng Shui has strict rules and the color selection is very important in the Feng Shui of kitchen decoration. Get the taboos of kitchen’s color in Feng Shui now.

Windows Feng Shui Taboos

Feng Shui taboos you should know about windows: avoid window and door alignment; do not have two windows facing each other; avoid broken windows; avoid the French windows; do not have windows facing a road.

Feng Shui Garden Plants

Plant is one of the design elements in the family garden. The planting of Feng Shui plants in the garden has strict rules. Check the planting principles of courtyard plants now.

9 Balcony Feng Shui Taboos

For good Feng Shui balcony, it shall not face the front door directly; it shall not face the kitchen directly; it shall not face the interspace between two buildings; it shall not face a street corner; it shall not face a sharp corner or an overly majestic building. etc.

Feng Shui Office Desk/Table Placement Tips

The layout of the office table is very important to career luck. Selecting the appropriate table, putting it in the right direction and placing proper items on it are all fastidious. Let's learn the taboos for the layout of an office table now.

Feng Shui Office Seating Arrangement

The office seating in Feng Shui is very important since most of your time in a day is spent on the office chair and it affects your work mood and efficiency in the whole day. Here are do's and don'ts of Feng Shui office seating color and arrangement.

Feng Shui Love Tips for Singles

Every single person longs for a favorable marriage and getting rid of the single status through it. Use Feng Shui could help singles improve luck in love and get married soon. What are the Feng Shui elements good for attracting love? Let’s see together.

Feng Shui Tips for Pregnant Lady

The pregnancy lasting ten months is a magical journey, during which all aspects of life will affect the fetus and you should pay attention to every aspect in diet and life. Also, there are some Feng Shui tips for you pregnant women. 

Feng Shui for Getting Pregnant

In modern society, many people find it’s hard to conceive a baby due to the great pressure in life. Let's take a look at how to adjust Feng Shui factors from the perspective of pregnancy Feng Shui to make it easier to get pregnant!

Is Feng Shui scientific or superstitious?

There are quite a few comments and disputes about Feng Shui. Some think it is a comprehensive science of China integrating the time-honored observation into environment, geography, health, etc.; some believe it is an old superstition which hinders the creativity of Chinese people.

Benefits of Feng Shui

There are many benefits and advantages if you apply Feng Shui in your life. You may find yourself being blessed with good luck in wealth, health, love, career, personal relationship and more aspects after using it.