Bad Fengshui and Solutions

In Ancient China, Qi (energy) was classified into ‘Sheng Qi’ (positive energy) and ‘Sha Qi’ (negative force). In your home, those beneficial to your body and mind are called positive energy while those with bad impacts are regarded as the negative/bad, which falls into several types, namely ‘Qi Sha’ (caused by smell), ‘Feng Sha’ (caused by wind), ‘Guang Sha’ (caused by light), ‘Xing Sha’ (caused by form), ‘Lu Sha’ (caused by road), ‘Sheng Sha’ (caused by sound) and ‘Shui Sha’ (caused by water) etc. It is advocated to deal with bad Feng Shui by covering, blocking, converting, fighting, preventing and other means.
The evil spirits in Feng Shui are from the Qi (energy) field. When the energy field of your house is in balance, your family will be in stable luck; but once it changes, your family fortune will be subject to certain influences. The two kinds of power that can influence energy field include planetary aspects, such as flying stars and dark power, such as Feng Shui items and physical energy. 
Negative Feng Shui Forms (形煞) refers to the inauspicious Feng Shui patterns caused by the shape, structure, surrounding, environment and other elements. As the most common bad Feng Shui, it generally consists of the following patterns and can be solved in the following ways.

Solutions for Bad Feng Shui Caused by Building Shape & Structure

1. Downward Stairs outside Front Door
It means there are downward stairs right outside your front door, which can cause serious money or energy losses. 
Cures and remedies: 
(1) Put a string of five, six or ten-emperor coins under your threshold or door mat.
(2) Put a pot of broadleaf and soil-cultivated plant at your doorway (select those with enough Yang/positive energy) to prevent finical losses. 
(3) Hang a concave Bagua mirror behind the door to recover the losses. 
2. Upward Stairs outside Front Door
It means there are upward stairs right outside your front door. Since door is regarded as the mouth while stairs the tongue, the downward energy will go into your door directly, break the stable Qi field and may easily cause accidents. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Design a porch to mitigate the downward energy. 
(2) Hang a string of five-emperor coins behind the door or at the peephole. 
(3) Hang a convex Bagua mirror indoor, or on the wall opposite the front door or above the shoe cabinet.
3. Door Facing Another Door
Due to the structure of modern buildings, your front door may face your neighbor's. According to Feng Shui, such pattern is inauspicious for either you or your neighbor. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Bury a string of five-emperor coins under the threshold of your gate. 
(2) If you have two facing doors at home or in your company, you are suggested to keep them closed or hang curtains to slow the flow of air in and out and to realize the stable airflow. 
4. Lift-facing Front Door
If there is a lift right outside your front door, it will be like a tiger which wants to eating people. The opening and closing of life will break the balance of Qi field and cause accidents or money losses. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Hang or put some Feng Shui items which can ward off evil spirits at the entrance or porch, such as Pi Xiu. 
(2) Put a string of five-emperor coins under the door mat.
5. Front Door Facing the Corner of Another Building 
If your door or window faces the corner of another building, you and your family will be in poor health and prone to disasters of blood.
Cures and remedies:
(1) Place a forceful stone lion on either side of your gate to ward off evil spirits.
(2) Place a Dragon Turtle or Kylin facing the corner at your front door. 
6. High-rise Outside Front Door
If there is a high-rise building right outside your front door, you will feel quite depressed and find it hard to make progress and to boost your family fortune. 
Cures and remedies:
Put a Bagua mirror facing the high-rise. 
7. Unfilled Corner of House or Apartment
It means a house which is not square and has unfilled corner. If the northwest or northeast corner is unfilled, it will affect the career and health of husband and be harmful to children; if the southeast or southwest corner is unfilled, it will be harmful to wife. 
Cures and remedies:
Put plants or items of different zodiac signs as per the direction of unfilled corner.
8. Bad Lights and Solutions
If your house is waterfront, the refracted sunshine by water will make you slow-witted. Another kind of bad lights is those refracted by the glass curtain wall of another building, which will make you prone to disasters of blood and bruise. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Add translucent frosted film to your windows or apply other shading measures. 
(2) Hang or place a copper or peach gourd on either side of the window. 

Solutions for Bad Feng Shui Caused by Surroundings

1. Gate Facing an Upward Slope
2. Gate Facing a Downward Slope
3. Gate/Front Door Facing a Lamp/Utility Pole or Tall Tree
4. Door/Window Facing the Narrow Interspace between Two Buildings
5. Water Flowing behind House
6. Bad Sound and Solutions

Solutions for Bad Feng Shui Caused by Roads/Highways

1. Front Door/Window Facing a Vertical Road/Corridor
2. Back Door/Window Facing a Vertical Road/Corridor
3. Sloping or Uneven Road in Front
4. House Facing a Tilted Road
5. House Facing the Intersecting Roads 
6. House Facing Multiple Crossing Roads
7. House Surrounded by Roads
8. House Facing Inverse Arch-Shaped Overpass or Road
9. Dwelling Next to Freeway or Overpass

Solutions and Bad Feng Shui Caused by Terrain

1. Left or Right Building Taller than Your House
2. House Taller than Surroundings 
3. House Lower than Surroundings 
4. House Lower than Both Sides
5. House with Higher Front
6. House with Lower Front
7. Sinking Ground in Front

Solutions Bad Feng Shui Caused by Surrounding Buildings/Facilities

1. House Adjacent to Power Distribution, Petrol Station or Boiler Room
2. House Adjacent to Mortuary House or Graveyard
3. House Adjacent to Hospital, Clinic, Public Toilet or Garbage Station
4. House Adjacent to Train Station or Railway
5. House Adjacent to Electric/Launching Tower 
6. House Adjacent to Sword-shaped Structures
7. Subway or Tunnel under House
8. House Next to Industrial Chimney
9. Door/Window Facing Neighbor's Bagua Mirror or Feng Shui Lion 
10. Groundbreaking on the Upper Right of Home
11. Many Water Pipes/Wires outside Door/Window
12. Gate Facing the Entrance to Underground Parking

Solutions for Negative Feng Shui Forms Caused by Surrounding Buildings/Facilities