Feng Shui Windows

Window Importance in Feng Shui

If eyes are the 'windows' of the heart, windows are the eyes of a house. In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, windows and doors can block and reduce the undesirable stimulation outside, take in vital energy, exhale the old and inhale the new air, thus the important outlets for the interior and exterior of a house. The Feng Shui of windows is important to your house and it is not to be ignored.

Windows Feng Shui Taboos and Solutions


The top of a window shall be taller than your height, so as to improve your confidence and bearing and avoid bending down to look out.


A window shall be of moderate size. Neither too large nor too small is auspicious. If the window is too large, it will vent the energy out and lead to many problems, such as a rebellious child out of control; if the window is too small, it will lead to insufficient energy and poor lighting, so the Yin in your house will be increased and your family will be depressed and narrow-minded. Generally speaking, the window shall be smaller than the entrance door. If a window is too large, you can solve and blind window with blind window or split it into several.


Windows shall be designed on the principle of indoor ventilation and lighting and three or more windows in a row shall be avoided. Too many windows lead to the strong airstream, which will destroy the peaceful Qi field and cause the nervous life, restless house and family feud.


Round or arched windows bring the sense of peace and tranquility like a church, thus suitable for bedrooms, hallways and recreational places. Square windows make people feel exciting and affirmative, thus suitable for restaurants and workplaces. For residences, the mixed use of the two shapes above is the best. Pointed or triangular windows are too sharp and destructive, thus should be avoided in your house.


The window frame and wall shall be in different colors to clearly show the scenery outside and form a natural landscape painting which will bring you vitality and creativity. While choosing the color for window frame, make sure it match the direction to improve the Feng Shui of your house.


According to traditional Feng Shui theory, the window at the east of your house is the best. Since the sun comes up in the east and breeds hope and vitality, the east-facing windows will make the house full of energetic spirit and bring you good luck. The south-facing windows are the most common while the southeast-facing windows make the house warm in winter and cool in summer and benefit your health. The north-facing windows are adverse to your health because north belongs to Yin in five elements and this kind of windows will take in the harmful energy. West and northwest-facing windows make you prone to the attack of cold winds in winter while the northeast and southwest-facing windows let in limited sunshine and have insignificant effect in terms of Feng Shui.

Opening Mode

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the sliding or outward-opening windows are the best as long as the front and rear area are not affected. A window shall be opened completely, either inward or outward rather than upward or downward.

The outward-opening windows are even better as they can improve your career, take in more fresh air and let out the foul air inside once opened. On the contrary, the inward-opening windows are adverse to both air and career. When a window is opened, the best situation will be no block of airflow.

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