Feng Shui for Career Success

Feng Shui Tips to Improve Career Luck

In the workplace, some people bear hardships without complaint and struggle for many years but never get a promotion or salary raise; on the contrary, some new to the workplace thrive quickly in the career. Actually, both competence and Feng Shui concern. The Feng Shui of your house and office influences your career. Then, what are the specific Feng Shui elements affecting your career?

Home Feng Shui

Have Backing Inside and Outside the House: it means your house shall have a building or hill behind. For the interior, the headboard shall lean against a wall rather than have nothing behind or face a door or window, and it is same for the study or office chair and sofa in the living room. Without a backing, you cannot get the trust of leadership, and may easily framed up by someone.

Have Protection on Left and Right Side: if the left or right side of your house has no building or is open, you may fail to get support in career. If you are a leader, you might be unable to get the right-hand. If you are an office worker, however, you may have a general relationship with colleagues and customers and cannot communicate smoothly. For the interior of your house, your career will be affected if there is nothing on the left or right side of your office table, sofa and computer chair in your study.

Open and Tidy Front Area: if you want to get the long-term and progressive development in career, the area in front of your house shall be open to get a sound prospect, or you will have no development potential. The walkway outside your front door shall be clean and open for coming in and out freely.

Avoid the Tiny Room: If your room is too small, you will unlikely have a wide field of vision and this kind of layout will oppress you and limit your development in terms of Feng Shui, making it hard for you to get a promotion or development in career.

Avoid a Commanding View of the Interior: for you businessman or politician, you shall avoid a commanding view of the interior after opening the door. It will be harmful if your dining table or bedroom can be seen at the first glance after entering your house, as it means you will be peeped at by someone else and you may suffer financial or political loss, thus cannot enjoy the long-term glory and splendor. You are recommended to set a screen between.

Study Room: elegant and bright light colors shall be used in your study room. The over cold, strong and dark colors will make you feel depressive, which will be unfavorable to your work and study. The small and elegant study room is better than the large but impractical one. If you read or study in a large study room, you will find it hard to concentrate and have your study and career affected greatly. Avoid placing your desk or office table near or opposite the door, or you will face the evil spirit outside directly and suffer from career loss.

Avoid the Beam: if there is a beam above the place you often stay, you will be beset with difficulties in life and have poor physical and mental state, which will affect your career development.

Avoid Making Your Home in Disorder: many people think that the luck for career is only related with the office Feng Shui, so they pay attention to the office Feng Shui but leave their home in a mess. They hardly realize that the home environment is also the key to career achievement. If your home is very messy, the negative energy formed will always follow you and make your luck for career decline constantly, leading to the difficult progress in your career.

Avoid Groundbreaking Right of Your House: if there is a groundbreaking right of the house you are living in, it will lead to the unfavorable conditions and harm your career.

Office Feng Shui

If you pile up sundries on the right side of your office table, your action will be blocked and your vocational vitality will be repressed, leading to disconsideration, salary cut or other problems. To improve your luck for career, you'd better not put anything, especially garbage can, on the right side.

If you sit face to face with your colleague, you will consume the Qi field of each other and it will even cause interpersonal disagreement, and finally affect your luck for success and wealth.

If your office table has something heavy on it, your position and luck for career will be affected.

The position under the beam is extremely suppressed. If you sit in this kind of position and have no choice, you may place Feng Shui mascots like Ding (model of an ancient cooking vessel) or calabash to drive away the evil spirit.

If your table faces a sharp object or corner, you'd better move it because the pattern may lead to fragile body and mind, distraction and no fighting capacity.

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Since East dominates career, you may put some red furniture and decorations in the east to make your family full of vigor and benefit your career;

Yellow is a symbol of wealth and one of the colors dominating the luck for career. Yellow furniture and decorations also can make you get rapid advances in career. Yellow light and tone in living room or bedroom will also work;

Blue is a symbol of pureness, calmness and profoundness which can eliminate the work tension and make you clean-minded.

Improve Luck with East Qi

If you want to get a successful career, or your current career is unsatisfactory, the east Qi can make your career prosperous and positive.

1. Put a bowl in the east of your house or office and fill it with clear water every morning, to bring you more Qi related to water. Since water and wood in the east generate with each other, it will increase the new Qi in the morning and the effect will be better is the bowl is under the direct sunlight.

2. Put some plants in the east of your office to increase the east Qi because the wood Qi of plants can better import the Qi field.

3. Sit towards east to better inhale the east Qi. Southeast will also be ok if the east is impractical.

Improve Luck with White Crystal

White crystal benefits both health and career. Its energy corresponds to the center of your head, so it can expel the morbid Qi within your body from your sole and make you clear-minded and energetic, thus very helpful to your career and health. For an office table, you may put the larger white crystal column.

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