The Eleventh Lunar Month Horoscope For the Sheep

Dec 13, 2023– Jan 10, 2024

The Sheep will have a pretty good financial luck this month. They can get more investment products and portfolios. However, their sleep quality will not be good. They can drink a glass of hot milk before bed to help them sleep. In addition, they will be prone to verbal disputes and gossips constantly. As such, the Sheep should talk less and do more things. 

Monthly Horoscope for Sheep

2024 Horoscope

People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Sheep (or the Goat) will have a mixed fortune of both good luck and bad luck in 2024. At different stages or when the fortune is different, the Sheep should face it with a dialectical perspective, so that they can maximize the advantages and minimize the negative effects.

Lucky Number: 2, 7
Lucky Color: Orange, Purple

Horoscope for Sheep born in: 1967 1979 1991

2024 Horoscope for Sheep

Years of the Sheep

Metal Sheep Wood Sheep Water Sheep Fire Sheep Earth Sheep

Start Date End Date Associated Element Heavenly Branch
02/17/1931 02/05/1932 Yin Metal Xin Wei
02/05/1943 01/24/1944 Yin Water Gui Wei
01/24/1955 02/11/1956 Yin Wood Yi Wei
02/09/1967 01/29/1968 Yin Fire Ding Wei
01/28/1979 02/15/1980 Yin Earth Ji Wei
02/15/1991 02/03/1992 Yin Metal Xin Wei
02/01/2003 01/21/2004 Yin Water Gui Wei
02/19/2015 02/07/2016 Yin Wood Yi Wei
02/06/2027 01/25/2028 Yin Fire Ding Wei

Good Luck Charms for Sheep

Choose a Chinese Zodiac lucky charm bracelet for Sheep to help you improve luck and exorcise evil spirits in daily life.

Personality of the Sheep

Like the rabbit, the sheep is also a kind of docile animals. They have low combat effectiveness and ask for nothing but live with the green grass peacefully. So, they are usually attacked by other animals. In the flock, they observe the discipline of the leader sheep well and hold the leader in the greatest esteem. Due to these, Jesus hailed himself as 'a Good Shepherd'.
The sheep are mild and close with the human. Especially in the Middle East, the people rely on the sheep to survive greatly. The sheep can coexist with the humans peacefully and migrate with them on grassland. So they have remarkable endurance and assiduous spirit. These are also the characters of the people born in the year of the sheep. Beside, the sheep people have a strong vitality. There is an iron will and enterprising spirit underlying their soft and fluffy façade. When dealing with tasks, they are not impulsive but always considerate, analyze carefully and complete satisfactorily. In interpersonal relationship, as they are gentle and cultivated, they are liked by others. In terms of business, they are always wonderful hands. But sometimes, things can be made terrible because of their strong heart.
The people under the sheep sign are most flexible and have bright body. The men may look like sissy. While, the women are with a devilish charm to the opposite sex, as they are mostly beautiful, plump, clear in skin and slim in waist. Please click for more about Sheep Personality Traits

Male Sheep Personality Female Sheep Personality Sheep People with Blood Type O Sheep People with Blood Type A Sheep People with Blood Type B Sheep People with Blood Type AB

Lucky Things to do

Lucky things for Sheep
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
  • Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
  • Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south
  • Best Match: Rabbit, Horse, Pig
  • Lucky Flowers: carnation, primrose, alice flower
  • Lucky Gemstone: Emerald
Unlucky things for Sheep
  • Unlucky Numbers: 3, 8
  • Unlucky Colors: Golden, Coffee
  • Unlucky Direction: Southwest
  • Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Dog, Dragon

Sheep Love Compatibility and Relationship

Each Chinese zodiac sign has compatible or incompatible signs according to their characteristics’ compatibility. If your find your signs are compatible, you could get along well in most cases. In opposite, you need to do more effort to be together harmoniously. Read more about Sheep Compatibility
Best Match
Best Match
Zodiac Rabbit Zodiac  Horse Zodiac  Pig
Lively Pair
Lively Pair
Zodiac Tiger Zodiac Snake Zodiac Sheep Zodiac Monkey Zodiac Rooster
Worst Match
Worst Match
Zodiac Rat Zodiac  Ox Zodiac  Dog Zodiac  Dragon

Sheep in Love

Sheep is a calm and plain sign. In love, they tend to listen to each other's inner voice and opinions and are not self-centered. In daily life, they would obey their lovers and discuss together about big issues. Read more about Sheep in Love

How to Know a Sheep is in Love with You? Male Sheep's Attitude Towards Love Female Sheep's Attitude Towards Love

Careers for Sheep

Nice and considerate, the Sheep people are fit to do some service works. So, to be a nurse or household management service person is a good choice. Engage in artistic works, eg. to be an actor, a painter, a musician, a dancer etc. are also good choices. Besides, typists and teachers are usually favored works by the Sheep. Lack of the spirit of adventure, the people under the Sheep sign are not fit to do those highly competitive works such as investing in stocks, commodities trading, journalism and more. Read more about Careers for Sheep
Ideal Jobs and Work Partners for Sheep
  • Best Working Partners: Horse, Rabbit, Pig
  • Best Age to Start a Business for Sheep:Age 30 – 50
  • Best Career Field for Sheep: Publication
  • Best Business to Do: Beauty Salon
  • Best Direction for Career: East, Northwest

What Birth Times Are Lucky for the Sheep?


Lucky Birth Month

March, May, June or July


Lucky Birth Date

The 4th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 28th, 29th or the 30th day in Chinese lunar calendar


Lucky Birth Time

01:00-03:00, 05:00-07:00 and 11:00-13:00

Auspicious Chinese Names

When selecting a Chinese name for the people born in the year of Sheep, there are some dos and don’ts you need to know which are based on the characters of the Sheep, zodiac compatibility and Chinese five element theories. Let's take a look at what are good and auspicious names for the male and female Sheep.
Auspicious Chinese Names for the Sheep

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