How to Use Feng Shui in Dining Room?


The dining room is an eating place; any dirty things into the dining room will pollute the food, thus leading to all kinds of discomforts or diseases. Therefore in Feng Shui, the layout, direction and decoration of the dining room are very important. A well decorated dining room can create the joyful atmosphere, help the digestion and benefit the communication of diners and the harmony of family members. Following are some Feng Shui dining room tips you should apply.


Like other rooms, the dining room shall be in a square pattern without broken corner or convex corner. The rectangle or square pattern is the best, which is also the most convenient layout for decoration.


Generally, the dining room shall be located in the south of the house with abundant light. In addition, the south belongs to fire in five elements, hence will make the family prosperous. If the dining room has a refrigerator inside, however, the refrigerator shall be north-facing. Under the abundant light, your family will be more and more prosperous.


The dining room shall not be located in the kitchen because the lampblack and heat in the kitchen will make it moist, thus you cannot enjoy the dinner happily inside. In the layout, the dining room and the kitchen shall be adjacent to each other rather than too distant, or it will spend too much time to place the meal.

The dining table shall not face the entrance door, kitchen door or bathroom door directly: on the one hand, the scattered filth will pollute the food; on the other hand, the door is a place of in and out, thus facing the door will cause the loss of vitality, also adverse to the gather of Feng Shui.

The dining table shall not face the entrance door directly: if it cannot be avoided, a screen can be used to block.

The dining table shall not face the kitchen door directly: the kitchen always emits lampblack and has higher temperature; if the dining table is opposite the kitchen door, it will be harmful to the family health and make you short-tempered after a long time. Therefore, the dining table shall not face the kitchen door directly; you can block with a curtain or keep the kitchen door closed if you cannot avoid the situation.

The dining table shall not face the bathroom door directly: if the bathroom door is opposite the dining table, it will affect your appetite, also adverse to your health. Under this situation, you should move the table to another place as soon as possible. If you cannot move it, you can put a small water basin on the table and plant sago cycas or lucky bamboo in the basin to solve the problem.

The dining room shall not be under a bathroom: it means that the dining room shall not have a bathroom right upstairs. As a place of discharge filth, the bathroom has heavy mephitis and moisture, thus dining under it will make you have no mood to eat and affect your appetite. This kind of layout is bad for your family's health, also affects your family luck.

The dining room shall not face a road directly.
As a dining place for the whole family, the dining table shall have a quiet and comfortable environment for you to enjoy the dinner leisurely. If it faces a road, however, it will be adverse to the Feng Shui. If the dining room has several channels, you may feel you are in the whirlpool and have a sense of crisis, thus feel restless. Therefore, this situation shall be changed.

Dining Table

Avoiding the Square Table
The dining table corners have evil spirit. In terms of Feng Shui, the sharp corner stands for evil spirit, so if you are going to choose a square or rectangle table, the corner shall be slightly round to avoid hurting the family's health. The best solution is choosing a round or oval dining table.

Dining Table with a Beam Above
Anyone who has certain knowledge about Feng Shui knows that the beam stands for evil spirit. If the dining table has a beam above, it will affect your digestion and lead to gastrointestinal diseases after a long time. Where the structure cannot be changed, you can hang some decorations like gourd on the beam to solve the problem.

Dining Table with Decorative Lighting Above
Generally, the dining table always has lighting above. If the lighting is right center above the table, it will not have evil spirit but if it is above the edge of the table, it may lead to evil spirit. The problem can be solved once the family members move the table or the lighting when dining.


The dining room shall not have too much decoration, or it will be in disorder and affect the appetite. Also, the surface of the decoration will become the bacterial attachment point and affect the family's health.


The dining room shall be in soft light which is not dazzling. Yellow is a color which can stimulate your appetite, so the dining room shall choose the yellow lighting to create a warm environment and deepen the emotional contact of the family.

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