Feng Shui for Getting Pregnant

Feng Shui Tips for Getting Pregnant

In modern society, everyone bears great pressure in life and work which has a great influence on pregnancy. Why do some people find it’s hard to conceive a baby? In addition to the environment and fate factors, Feng Shui also plays a certain role. Let's take a look at how to adjust Feng Shui factors from the perspective of pregnancy Feng Shui to make it easier to get pregnant!

Mascots for Pregnancy
  1. Put the cute doll music box beside your bed and spin the spring every morning and night to listen to and indulge in the music, so as to pray to get pregnant. Do it over a long period, you will find it effective.
  2. Use the pillowcase with cute baby pattern, clap the pillow lightly every night to pray before you go to sleep, and ask the God of Pillow to help you to get pregnant.
  3. Put the animal sign in Six Compatible Group (Liu He) with your sign beside your bed for the best zodiac support.
  4. Hang a calabash over your headboard. With many seeds inside, the calabash has been regarded as a mascot of children by Chinese people since ancient times. In terms of Feng Shui, you can choose an auspicious day and time to put a copper or wooden calabash beside your bed for connubial love and pregnancy.
  5. Place jade items like Kirin, peanut or melon at the vital position of your house for pregnancy.

What Kind of Feng Shui Is Good for Pregnancy?
The bedroom shall be flooded with sunlight which can balance Yin and Yang and help you to get pregnant.
In Feng Shui, the bedroom threshold symbolizes pregnancy edema but most of the houses only have a threshold at the front door. You are suggested to lay a carpet in the master bedroom to keep the pregnancy edema.

The bedroom shall have only one outward door rather than two, or you will find it hard to get pregnant.

Your bed shall be stabilized to keep the pregnancy edema. Don't sleep on the floor, folding bed, and water bed, or put too much stuff under the bed.

Don't place your bed too close to the window, or you will suffer from dreaminess which will influence your pregnancy. If you put your bed on the diagonal from bedroom door, it will be most beneficial for your pregnancy.

Avoid metal items and electric appliances at your bedside because they may disturb your magnetic field and make it difficult for you to get pregnant.

Don't have a fish tank or too many mirrors in your bedroom. The fish tank will lead to damp and imbalance of Yin and Yang, making it hard for you to conceive a baby. The mirror may drive away the pregnancy edema and consume the vital essence of men.

Don't have memorial tablet, arcade or garage downstairs your bedroom, which will affect your pregnancy.
If you have a bathroom upstairs your bed, it will make you difficult to get pregnant.

Too many doors and windows in the bedroom also affect the pregnancy.

Your bedroom shall not be too large. According to the Feng Shui theory, a large room with few people is inauspicious. Living in this kind of room, your body's heat will dissipate quickly and your health will decline after a long time; also, you will generate fear and have your mental health influenced. Of course, the unhealthy physical and mental state is adverse to pregnancy. The bedroom with an area of 15m2 is the best and it should not be larger than 20m2.
When it comes to Feng Shui Eight Diagrams, northeast belongs to Gen (艮) which is a symbol of offspring mountain, wealth and backing. That is to say, the northeast of your bedroom not only affects your family's fortune and luck for benefactor, but also plays an important role to your family's offspring. If there is an unfilled corner in the northeast of your bedroom, it will lead to few offspring and make you married couples difficult to get pregnant.
Avoid catching a cold on your wedding day. If your bedroom often has cold wind, you will be in the low temperature for a long time; some people like the cool environment and set a low temperature for the bedroom air conditioning, leading to the poor body immunity and frequent cold and fever and affecting the pregnancy. Besides, the over low temperature will consume your energy and lead to the poor circulation of blood, deficient Qi and blood, and infertility.

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