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Meanings of Eyebrows in Physiognomy

Eyebrow, known as ''保寿官'' (baoshou guan, organ of longevity) in physiognomy, is equivalent to the life line in palmistry. It shows a person's fortune between 31 and 34. While the long eyebrow suggests longevity, the short eyebrow, same with the short life line, does not necessarily mean short life.
Eyebrow is also known as ''兄弟宫'' (xiongdi guan, organ of brothers) which represents the relationship with brothers and sisters. For men, the left eyebrow suggests brothers while the right suggests sisters; for women, it is the contrary. Generally, long eyebrows indicate the deep affection with brothers and sisters while the short suggests weak affection. In modern society, eyebrows mainly represent the attitude towards friends: the long indicates many friends while the short suggests few.
The eyebrow indicates one's nature and temperament while the eye is the window of heart. Eyebrows can reflect one's wisdom, thought, and individual behaviorism. The brow represents sensibility while the tip suggests sense. The arrow-shaped brow suggests the poor ability in dealing with sentiment while the loose tip indicates asking for troubles.
Nose represents wealth while eyebrow symbolizes rank. Those with good-looking eyebrows tend to enjoy wealth and rank.
Meanwhile, eyebrows represent arms: the bushier eyebrows suggest greater strength; the broken eyebrows indicate the risk of broken arms.

Eyebrow Shapes and Personality

What is a good eyebrow?

The glossy black, beautiful, tidy and silky eyebrows, longer than the eyes, with medium density, no retrorse hair and loose yet undispersed tip are the best. Also, the eyebrows shall be neither too close nor too far from each other.


Long Eyebrows: People with long eyebrows are righteous, helpful and like to make friends. If the eyebrows are longer than the outer canthus, it indicates the blessed life with wealth and rank. The longer the eyebrow, the longer longevity it suggests. Long and beautiful eyebrows indicate the early success.

Short Eyebrows: People of short eyebrows are restrained, have few friends, poor conjugal relations and poor fortune, and tend to live a poor life. Women with short eyebrows are harmful to their husband and lead a bad marriage.


Wide Eyebrows: Those with wide eyebrows are generally masculine, active and impulsive, and pay attention to the thick lines rather than details and trivial matters.

Narrow Eyebrows: People with narrow eyebrows are feminine, passive and indecisive yet attentive and pay attention to details.


Thick Eyebrows: People of thick eyebrows are sweet-tempered and active while the overly thick tend to be evil, cunning and self-centered.

Sparse Eyebrows: Sparse eyebrows indicate endocrine dyscrasia and people of this kind usually have no ties of friendship, get in emotional entanglements and suffer martial disharmony between the age of 32 and 36. In general, they have no good luck for wealth.

Thick Brow and Sparse Tip: The thick brow and sparse tip suggest starting off with a band but ending with a whimper, poor relationship and limited help from brothers.

Few Eyebrow: People with no or few eyebrow, prominent cheekbone, big face, and high nose tend to be lonely. No or few eyebrow and flat cheekbone suggests harming between brothers. Women with few eyebrow and black hair harm their husband, remarry and lead the solitary old age.


High Eyebrows: People with high eyebrows (far from the eyes) are sweet-tempered, family-oriented and accomplish something early.

Low Eyebrows: People with low eyebrows can hardly retain their composure and they are generally insidious and troubled by family affairs. Also, they are realistic and consider the immediate rather than long-term interests.

Too Low: If the eyebrows are too low (very close to the eyes), the people is usually narrow-minded, like to bear grudges and inclined to be a voyeur.  

Different Heights: For people with eyebrows of two different heights, one of the parents will be prone to accidents. Men with higher left eyebrow enjoy high position in family while men with higher right eyebrow often abide by their wives; for women, it is on the contrary.


Compact Eyebrows: Those with compact eyebrows are generally easy-going, especially to their friends, thus have good relations with friends and often get their help.

Loose Eyebrows: Those with loose eyebrows at the tip often become estranged with friends and can hardly depend on their brothers and sisters.


People with glossy eyebrows growing in the same direction are very lucky and honest.

People with messy eyebrows growing in different directions have the average IQ and can hardly make achievements in society. Their words are not matched by deeds and they are generally hypocritical and have incompatible parents.
If the eyebrow has a break or is thin in the middle, it suggests the death of one parent, brother or sister in early years, or hand fracture and injury.
Inverted Eyebrows

Eyebrows growing towards the ophryon are inverted and suggest bad luck and influence on family.

People of this kind are not good at handling emotional and interpersonal relationships. They are poor in youth and things change better in middle age.
If only the left eyebrow is inverted, it represents being not good at handling emotional relationship before the age of 30 and failure to pay last respects to father. The inverted right eyebrow represents being not good at handling emotional relationship after the age of 30 and failure to pay last respects to mother.
If both of the two eyebrows are inverted means the people couldn’t handle emotional relationship well in the whole life and will be failure to pay last respects to both father and mother.
Vertical Eyebrows
People of vertical eyebrows are bold, impulsive, and cruel, do not like thinking but solving problems by force, thus often suffer from mishaps and lawsuits. In terms of love relationship, they are rude and not gentle and considerate husband or wife. The vertical left brow harms children while the right harms wife, indicating the unsmooth five years from the age 28 to 32.

Eyebrow Distance

Ophryon is the space between eyebrows. If it’s two fingers wide, that’s the best.

People with wide ophryon (three fingers or above wide) never think or worry too much, they act with no plan and are free from mental burden caused by stress. Generally, they are indolent, irresolute and indecisive.

People with narrow ophryon act in a planned way, think and worry too much, and suffer mental burden caused by stress. Also, they are narrow-minded, bear grudges and have poor respiratory system.

Brow Tip

People of downward brow tips are sympathetic and helpful nice guys who start well and end well.

People of upward brow tips are of strong self-esteem and personality, and they never compromise but lack of coordination, which is their advantage yet disadvantage. When they are supposed to be decisive and bold, they can quickly take measures to make a figure. This kind of people are often admired by others.

Brow Ridge

The slightly raised brow ridge is the best. Those with overly raised brow ridge are impulsive, arrogant and often offend others.

People with flat brow ridge are generally timid and overcautious, don't like to argue with others, have no ambition but poor adaptability.

The sunken brow ridge suggests scheming and vengeful character.

Withered and Yellow Eyebrows

It doesn't matter to have golden yellow rather than withered eyebrows. The withered and yellow eyebrows suggest poor health and bad luck for husband, as well as no brother to depend on and no help from friends.


1. Mole at the Brow: A possible calamity of imprisonment in life.
2. Mole above the Brow: Recent money matters, such as no money for daily expenses like rent.
3. Mole near the Middle of Eyebrow: Future money matters, such as insufficient fund for investment or buying house.
4. Mole between Eye and Eyebrow: Failure to share family property.
5. Black Mole in the Middle of Eyebrow: People with such a mole are smart and will have one marine risk; if the eyebrow is few, it indicates a fire risk in life.
6. Mole at Brow Tip: Emotional problems, especially the mole at the left brow tip.

Brow Changes

If the long hair in the eyebrow indicating longevity appears before the age of 30, it will be an inauspicious sign; if the hair appears after the age of 50, it indicates the long life.

If the eyebrow suddenly changes white, it suggests the sad thing.

Those with an extramarital affair, no matter men or women, must have sleek and shining eyebrows and this method can be used to judge your lover.

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