Facial Lines and Wrinkles

1. Forehead Wrinkles

Too many forehead wrinkles suggest the frustrated and hard life, and no gains from pains. The clear and fine forehead lines less than three are the best. Those who have forehead lines before the age of 35 know what's what early. For women, the forehead lines appearing in early age suggest the unfavorable marriage while for men, the lines indicate starting career early. The forehead lines appearing after the age of 35 is better for women and 40 for men.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines/Wrinkles on Forehead

2. Wrinkles between Eyebrows

In physiognomy, the area between eyebrows is called ophryon, which presents one's prospect and salary. People who have wrinkles here often cannot control their own actions; they are impatient, capricious and highly stressed by life. Men worry about material life but are quite lucky with the opposite sex and popular among women. For women, wrinkles between eyebrows indicate they are not satisfied with the current emotional life.

3. Crow's-feet 

Crow's-feet are clusters of tiny wrinkles form around the outer corners of the eyes. In face reading, the outer corner of eyes is where the Marriage Palace located. Women who have crow's-feet early are destined to work hard for their family because their husbands are negative and prone to extramarital affairs. The vertical wrinkles at the outer corner of eyes indicate the couple fail to live together till old age and the wife is mighty and thinks her husband doesn't deserve her. Men with crow's-feet are often losers in marriage.

4. Wrinkles under Eyes

Children Palace, also Merit Palace, is located under the eyes and it shows one's merits. Those who have done many good deeds have one, two or three layers of wrinkles which are beautiful and glossy. Therefore, this kind of wrinkles are commonly seen on the good people and suggest blessing, longevity and virtuous offspring. If someone often does evil deeds or has evil intentions, the area below his eyes will be black and sunken, even have needle-like vertical wrinkles which are a sign of bad luck to offspring.

5. Nose Wrinkles

Wrinkles on nose indicate the luck for wealth. Generally, they are vertical lines belonging to those who rush about for money and have poor skills in managing money matters. Wrinkles at the wings of nose present poor money management. Also, nose shows one's ambition. People whose nose is small and has wrinkles are not ambitious, thus unlikely make much money or great success.

6. Bunny Lines

Located between the two eyes, the ridge of nose is where the nose begins. Horizontal wrinkles across the ridge of nose are called bunny lines which are caused by excessive worries and suggest the weak stomach. People with bunny lines fail to give full play to their competence and get promoted smoothly. In terms of marriage, bunny lines present failed marriage or poor health of one party in good marriage. They are not deeply connected to their mothers in poor health or fail to show filial piety to their mothers.

7. Wrinkles on the Bridge of Nose

People with wrinkles on the bridge of nose usually engage in head work and suffer from migraine. Those who have a clear cross on the bridge of nose rarely get sick while those whose nose bridge is fleshy and has horizontal wrinkles tend to encounter significant changes in fortune.

8. Cheekbone Wrinkles

Cheekbone wrinkles are related with career. If wrinkles, horizontal or vertical, form gradually on your cheekbone, you should beware of your words and deeds and keep low-key, or you will lose your power. Wrinkles on the outer cheekbone indicate the laboring life.

9. Horizontal Lines on Philtrum

Philtrum (Lip Crease or ‘Person’s Center’) is a vertical, narrow and long groove that everyone has between the nose and upper lip.The horizontal line on Philtrum is not auspicious as it suggests the disaster and reminds the person to pay special attention to health. Also, it indicates family discord, generation gap with children and worry about children.

10. Cheek Lines

Cheek Lines (also Fa Ling Lines, Nasolabial Folds, or Laugh Lines) are two lines that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. In face reading, the Assistant Palace is located here, which is a symbol of order and majesty. Cheek lines show one's power, executive capability and ability to manage subordinates and the obedience of one's underlings. Good cheek lines are clear, beautiful, neither deep nor shallow. The short or broken cheek lines with patch, scar or mole are inauspicious. More about Cheek Lines

11. Wrinkles at Mouth Corners

People with wrinkles at mouth corners tend to lead a lonely and laboring life and suffer unexpected financial losses even if they make initial success. Also, they are less popular with others, have bad luck in old age, often find themselves in dangers and suffer loneliness in twilight years despite the longevity. For the wrinkles run downward from the mouth corners, the left suggests liver and gallbladder problems while the right indicates spleen problems. Tiny wrinkles at mouth corners imply stomach illness.

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