50 Practical Feng Shui Tips For Your House

Feng Shui is not superstition but a kind of theory proposed by ancient Chinese people by observing the patterns of the universe and stars. Feng Shui uses favorable magnetic fields to evade harmful substances for the purpose of harmony between man and nature, which can bring personal success, domestic happiness and even the prosperity of a country. It is an indispensable part of traditional Chinese culture. The Feng Shui tips listed below are derived from thousands of years' experience and have been repeatedly tested to be true.
1.With a temple in front of your house, you will get poor; with a temple behind your house, you will get rich; with a temple to the left or right of your house, you may become widowed or orphaned.
2.A front door facing the balcony fails to gather money.
3.An irregular and uneven house can make your family suffer from illness. 
4.An unfilled corner in the southwest, northwest and northeast will be harmful to the father, the mother and the children respectively.
5.The front yard shall be spacious and neat, or your offspring can get poor. 
6.A gate-to-gate pattern suggests the decline of either your family or your neighbor's. 
7.The lush flowers in your room may undermine your luck. 
8.With your bed facing a mirror, you will often get sick. 
9.With your house facing an inverse arch-shaped road, you may fall ill often, see declined fortune, and have rebellious children or less contact with your relatives. 
10.A house with narrow front and wide rear suggests reaching success late in life.
11.A house at the intersection of T-shaped road is very ominous.
12.A house with no backing behind means limited bliss.
13.An east-facing window can bring you good fortune.
14.The fences higher than your house or the windowed fences can be bad for you.
15.The kitchen facing bathroom can lead to illness and disaster. 
16.With a cascade in front of your house, you cannot accumulate a fortune.
17.No threshold to house, money flows out and you have to work from dawn to dusk or ask for help.
18.Fence with barbed wire can make you suffer from trouble in civil service.
19.With a graveyard around your house, your offspring have to find a way out.
20.Mirrors all over the house invite evil spirits.
21.With an empty house facing your gate, you may expect a funeral to your family. 
22.With an expectant mother in your family, decorating, building or nailing may cause abortion.
23.A living room central to your home can make your family flourish.
24.A memorial tablet in any bedroom can bring your family bad luck and make you restless. 
25.If you are married, do not have women's photo and peach blossom to the northwest or men's photo and peach blossom to the northeast of your house. Otherwise, either you or your partner will have an affair.
26.Bird or beast carvings at home, evil spirits come.
27.A TV or computer less than 3 meters to your headboard can lead to insomnia, dreaminess and dizziness.
28.A chimney in front of your gate is quite inauspicious.
29.Lethal weapons, such as bayonet and sword, in your room can cause a disaster of blood.
30.With a hollow tree in front, your family will suffer from one after another mishap.
31.A big front garden is auspicious while a big back garden can be inauspicious. 
32.A low ceiling means a stressful life. 
33.No gigantic stones on both sides of your gate, especially those with red grain, as they may cause death and personal injury to your family.
34.No gigantic stone or rockery to the southwest of your house, or it can cause death. 
35.A house with the front width only a third to the back is inauspicious and bad for your children.
36.The exposed cornerstone of your house can make your family poor and unlucky.
37.The particularly high bedding in front can make water flow to either side, causing no offspring.
38.Climbing vines all over the walls of the house lead to troubles in love. Dense iron gratings undermine your fortune. 
39.Weeds in the yard is the sign of bad luck.
40.White wall and blue tile lead to funeral. Small house with big doors causes financial losses and quarrels.
41.Garbage in front of the house results in a lot of bad luck. An ashtray on the bedside table causes injury.
42.A tower nearby indicates trouble within your own doors. A big window in the west is just like a tiger opening its mouth, leading to injury and illness.
43.If you have two sofas in the bedroom, do not put them together. Otherwise you will be on bad terms with your partner and quarrel a lot. 
44.The incense burner shall not be higher than the navel of god or Buddha statue or lower than its feet, or you cannot make a fortune.
45.Too many flowers and plants, such as grape vines and evergreens in your yard can undermine your luck. 
46.If the hall is too small, you cannot make a good fortune.
47.Two doors facing each other at home lead to frequent quarrels and different opinions between you and your partner. 
48.With upward steps to your gate, your family will have a millionaire.
49.A big pit behind the house can be inauspicious while a big road behind means the seniors in the house may not live a long life.
50.Make sure your house is square in front and at the back. A wider southwest corner can cause you no offspring while a wider southeast corner leads to fewer boys. 

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