Face Reading Nose

Nose in Physiognomy

As the most prominent part of face, nose represents one's self-esteem, ability, social status and personality. In face reading, eyes are the symbol of rank while nose is the symbol of wealth. Many people believe that nose indicates the luck for official career and wealth.

In the three proportions of face, nose takes the most important central part and it generally tells one's luck after middle age (between 41 and 50 years old). One's fortune can be accurately analyzed by reading the height, length, size and color of nose.

The well-featured nose with a fleshy tip, raised wings and invisible nostrils is believed to be the symbol of good fortune.

Sixteen Types of Noses and Their Meanings

Nose Tip

Size: the nose tip represents self. The bigger the tip is, the more arrogant and opinionated a person will be and the more likely to adhere to own ideas. Also, the tip is a symbol of one's inner world. People of big and fleshy tip are kindhearted and have no evil mind. Those with small nose tip are on the contrary.
People with big and hard nose tip have better luck for wealth than those of big and soft tip.

The mole on nose tip indicates the personal financial losses and being swindled and deceived to invest; the more savings, the more losses will be.

The nose of tip and wings in same size is called bulbous nose. For women, bulbous nose indicates the poor marriage and limited support from husband.

Nose Bridge

The straight rather than crooked nose bridge is good. Also, the straight nose bridge with wrinkle, shadow, patch or grey mole is a bad sign for family or health. This kind of people tends to be busy running about life, get wealth and rank difficultly. Also, the nose bridge indicates marriage. A black mole on the nose bridge suggests quarrel, even divorce.

If there is a hump on the bridge, it indicates the person is impulsive and hot-tempered, often loses temper for no reason yet very persistent in working. In addition, it suggests the poor spousal relationship prone to quarrels and reminds the person to beware of divorce or emotional problems at the age of 44 and 45.

The nose with a bone, looking turgid, on the bridge is called swollen nose indicating the poor marriage.
The sunken or snub bridge suggests unfavorable marriage. For men, it symbolizes the indecisive personality and the mighty wife. A woman with the sunken nose bridge tends to fall in love with the man she admires, marry the wrong one and work hard to make a living.

Nose Wings

The rounded and fleshy nose wings suggest the good interpersonal relationship, early success, expert in making money and talent in managing money matters. The thin wings indicate the failure in accumulating a fortune and no financing concept.

The mole on nose wings suggests the personal financial losses, especially at the age of 49 and 50. This kind of people suffers from the long-standing stomach disease.


The narrow nostrils indicate the narrow mind, insufficient courage, careful working attitude and limited chance to accomplish something great.

People with wide nostrils are open-minded in money; they are enterprising, know how to spend and the relationship between investment and return, and never stick to trifles in handling social affairs.

People with visible nostrils suffer serious financial losses yet can earn a lot of money and never skimp on the money at hand to make more.

People with invisible nostrils are relatively stingy in money; they have the habit of saving money, cherish every penny and never spend randomly as it makes them on pain.

Reading Luck for Wealth from Nose

Fleshy Nose
The big and fleshy rather than sharp and bony nose is better as it belongs to the kind and tolerant people who often get help from others and can save money.

Straight Nose
People with straight nose are independent, never follow blindly, can stick to their own opinions and have the leadership, thus more likely to get venture success, provided that the size of face and nose is well matched. A big nose on the small face is just like an isolated peak which suggests the humble life.

Rounded and Introverted Nose Wings
The nose wings are just like two guards watching the wealth. The rounded and introverted wings suggest the efficient guards and the substantial deposit despite the average luck for wealth in life.

Invisible Nostrils
Nostrils represent the courage of making money. The bigger the nostrils, the more courage a person will have. Those with invisible nostrils can keep money.

Wide and High Root
The root of nose represents the benefactor and the luck for wealth. The higher the root is, the better luck for wealth a person will have. Also, it suggests the help from benefactors, yielding twice the result with half the effort, and lifelong good luck for wealth.

The bright nose is favorable and the yellow one suggests the good luck for wealth. If the nose tip is gray or dark, it indicates the personal financial losses and disasters. If the nose is red, it suggests the disputes, financial losses and troubles created by villains. If the nose is paly, it symbolizes the loss of money earned and the liver disease.
A big nose with well-matched face, especially the fleshy cheeks, is a good sign. In face reading, the fleshy nose with well-matched forehead, cheeks and jaw indicates the good fortune. In general, it is not accurate enough to judge one's fortune and destiny singly from the nose; the forehead, cheeks and jaw are also to be considered comprehensively.