What Your Face Shape Says About Your Personality?

Face Shape Reveals Your Personality

There is a certain relationship between face shape and personality.

People with long faces are resolute, stubborn and decisive.

The round and square faces belong to those who are outgoing, passionate, intelligent and tough.

Those with oblong faces are gentle and keenly observant.

The diamond faced is maverick, highly persevering, discontented to the current situation, arrogant, self-interested and irresponsible.

The oval face belongs to the perfectionists who are disciplining, broad-minded toward others, experienced in social contact and cleanliness oriented.

The triangular faced are of strong intention, explosiveness, wisdom and memory while the inverted triangle suggests strong fighting, rebellious and unyielding spirit of holding on straight to the end.

The trapezoid face belongs to those who are calm, shrewd and highly self-demanding, and tend to suffer depression and autism.

Ten Facial Shapes in Chinese Physiognomy

In Chinese face reading, the face shapes are vividly described with ten Chinese characters, namely '圆', '田', '目', '同', '用', '由', '甲', '申', '风', and '王', which have the following features respectively:

'圆' Shaped
It belongs to the round face.
This kind of people is easy-going, compassionate, helpful, generous, considerate, honest and tolerant and they are good at handling interpersonal relationships. Also, they are softhearted and never want to harm others or look out others' harming. Being careless, they are the adaptable optimists and most of Buddhists have this kind of face.

'田' Shaped
The outline of face roughly resembles a square.
People with '田' shaped face are rich, smart, energetic, motivated, unflappable in face of anything and skilled in diplomacy. Also, they are humorous, noble-hearted and popular with others, especially the opposite sex. However, they are impatient, stubborn and quite self-esteemed.

'目' Shaped
It belongs to the long face.
Those with '目' shaped face are resolute, stubborn, decisive, highly subjective, bad-tempered, suspicious and inflexible. It’s hard to get along with them. They are hard-working and well-planned but often focus on one thing and ignore the trivial matters. Women with the '目' shaped face are unrestrained, frank, competitive and career-oriented rather than family-oriented.

'同' Shaped
It also belongs to the long face but is wider and more masculine, featuring straight nose, low forehead and well-developed cheeks which look like the two vertical strokes in '同'.
This kind of people is quite subjective and emulative. With good physical strength, they are tough and can always overcome the difficulties. Also, they are frank, honest, serious and responsible, demanding the payment matching the work they do. Though they are impulsive, they can restrain at the most impulsive moment. The biggest shortcoming lies in that they are overly emotional and softhearted.

'由' Shaped
Evolving from the '田' shape, it features the small forehead and wide chin.
The '由' shaped faces are prudent, practical, persevering, frank and ready to promise others. They have poor luck in early years and good kinship because they are family-oriented. At the same time, they are stubborn and impatient and cannot get along with others. Though women with '由' shaped face are not gentle, they can assist their husbands to build up a family and embark upon a career.

'甲' Shaped
Also evolving from the '田' shape, this kind of face features broad forehead and small chin and belongs to the currently popular 'V' face in China.
Full of ideas, people with '甲' shaped faces have good perception, memory and imagination. They are the ambitious entrepreneurial talents yet not good at interpersonal relationships. With good luck in early years, they enjoy success when young but tend to be lonely in old age.

'申' Shaped
Small in both upper and lower part, this type of face features narrow forehead, big and protruding cheeks, and pointed chin.
The '申' shaped faces tend to be in the complicated dual disposition. They are smart, rational, emotional, highly adaptable and long-sighted. Meanwhile, they are indecisive, think a lot messily, lack of confidence, and hardly carry out a plan. Also, they are self-interested, lack of self-control, often tell a lie, have many schemes and always need praise from others.
'风' Shaped
Just like the Chinese character '风', this kind of face is flat and defined with the broad forehead, flat cheeks, broad and plump chin.
People with '风' shaped faces are easy-going, resigned to the situation and not aggressive. They move about all the life, leave the hometown in early years, move here and there at the age about 20 and will succeed if they get help from the benefactor. After the age of 40, they have better luck and lead the good life in old age. The shortcoming lies in their greed.

'王' Shaped
This kind of face is big, bony and defined with the protruding cheeks and forehead, and straight nose.
Those with '王' shaped faces are intelligent, vigorous, capable and of distinctive character. They have a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate, and the courage to take the blame for what they do, and try their best to help those in trouble. At the same time, they are capricious and change their mood with the environment influence. Also, they are highly vengeful, greedy and selfish, have no sense of responsibility to the family and will harm others to benefit themselves by fair means or foul. They tend to live a hard life with bad luck.

'用' Shaped
Resembling the Chinese character '用', it belongs to the square face yet features more protruding chin and cheeks.
People of this face shape are generally irritable, tenacious, loyal to friends and of strong self-consciousness.

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