The Face and Its Age Points in Face Reading

The Face and Its Age Points

When it comes to face reading, every facial part suggests your luck at certain age point. Then, how to decide the luck at a certain age through face reading? First of all, you need to know the age point of each part. Read the following to find out how to decide age points by face reading.

Here is a face with 99 numbers written on it. The number on face means the age.

Divide the face into two sides - left and right, which are respectively Yang and Yin. Left for man and right for woman. For a man, the age point of 1 starts from the left ear and for a woman, the right ear.

Age 1 to 14 – Read the Ears
Take men for example, the ears suggest the childhood fortune from age 1 to 14 in face reading; the left ear presents age 1 to 7 while the right age 8 to 14. The fleshy and well-defined ears suggest the good fortune and family environment in childhood.

Age 15 to 30 – Read the Forehead
Forehead presents the luck in youth from age 15 to 30. Career Palace is located at the forehead which indicates the congenital luck and presents family environment of parents, help from others, learning achievement, ancestral property and protection from elders. The round and full forehead predicts the good family environment and blessed and comfortable youth with family assistance.

Age 31 to 40 - Read the Eyebrows and Eyes
Eyebrows suggest the luck between age 31 and 34. The light and sparse eyebrows indicate few friends who can really offer help and ordinary luck with no waves. The beautiful and well-defined eyebrows symbolize certain wealth derived from both work and self-employment. Eyes present the luck between age 35 and 40. The bright piercing eyes indicate the great progress in career between age 35 and 40.

Age 41 to 50 - Read the Nose
As the highest part of face, nose plays an important role in luck for wealth. The nose which suggests good luck for wealth is straight and streamlined rather than tough. If you have such as nose, you will enjoy a rich life and get new development in both life and career in middle age. If the bridge of nose is sunken or looks pretty small and incongruous, it indicates the family is prone to conflicts.

After the age of 50 - Read the Philtrum, Lips and Chin
Philtrum presents the luck between age 51 and 55 but it is a part often ignored by people. The clear and long philtrum suggests the happy family, many sons and grandsons, and blessed twilight years.

Nasolabial folds run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The left nasolabial fold presents the luck at the age 56 while the right age 57. The nasolabial folds that pass the mouth corners suggest the health problem at the age, mostly stomach or throat problems, and anorexia, which will weaken the body. If your nasolabial folds are deep and clear and droop to the corners of the mouth, you will hold the authoritative position, get respect, enjoy health and stay optimistic and cheerful at the age.

The left and right cheekbones present the luck at age 58 and 59 respectively. The flat and glossy rather than sunken cheekbones are favorable, which suggest you will be protected by others and get prosperous. If the cheekbones are sunken and in dull color, it means you will fail at the age or invite jealousy of villains once you make certain achievements, thus cannot feel at ease.

Mouth presents the luck at the age of 60. The regular mouth with thick, rosy and well-matched lips and slightly upward corners is best, which suggests the substantial profit, good care of family and happy life at the age of 60. If the lips are thin and the corners droop, it suggests you will get the dissatisfaction of relatives and friends, have a gloomy mood, often shout abuse, scare off others and live a lonely life at the age of 60.

Chin presents the luck between age 61 and 75. The fleshy, plump, perfectly round and slightly protruding chin is the best, which means you will enjoy a carefree and comfortable life, be respected by people around and cared by children and subordinates between age 61 and 75. The earlobe also presents the luck after the age 60.

For the luck from age 76 to 100, start from the lower jaw and divide the face into 12 two-hour periods, each of which present two years.

Referring to the above, you can see whether you are blessed. If a certain part is unsatisfactory, you will find everything goes wrong at the age.

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