Feng Shui Stairs Rules

Stairway Feng Shui Rules and Designs

In the home Feng Shui, the importance of the stair is often neglected. In fact, the staircase ranks only second to the gate in terms of Qi portal and it is the key for the in and out of Qi; the stairway serves as the gate to the upstairs and the well located stair will bring auspiciousness to the upstairs while the poor located will bring disasters. What are the correct Feng Shui positions of the stair? What are the taboos of stairway Feng Shui? Let's look into the Feng Shui rules of the staircase!

Feng Shui Stair Should Not Face the Front Door
The stair itself consists of steps; if the stair faces the front door, the Qi will be cut off or hindered once it enters into your house, making the aura field into chaos. Once the aura field is in disorder, the overall environment of the house will be undoubtedly not good. The stair facing the front door may be not necessarily convenient for going upstairs or downstairs but you owner of the house will have your health affected unconsciously.

How to Fix the Stairs Face the Front Door for Feng Shui
The stair should not face the front door directly in the design and the following methods are suggested:
Firstly, changing the direction of the stair. For example, use the design of arc stair to change the direction of the staircase and make it back to the front door.
Secondly, hiding the stair away. For example, hide it behind the wall and enclose it with two walls, which will not cut off the aura field but double your sense of security while going upstairs or downstairs. The space under the staircase can be designed as a storeroom.
Thirdly, placing a screen between the front door and the stairway. In this way, the Qi can follow the screen into your door.

Feng Shui Staircase Should Not Be in the Center of the House
The ideal stair should be next to the wall rather than in the center of the house, or the house will be separated into two parts, which will bring disputes to your family, even martial disharmony. The staircase in the center of the house will be seemingly "stealing the show" and people going upstairs or downstairs will make it noisy, which not only waste the precious space of the "Feng Shui Focus", but also have the meaning of infringement and disrespect, bringing no good luck to you owner of the house.

Other Rules and Taboos
Feng Shui Stairway should not face a door directly, or it will be very harmful to children.

Feng Shui Stair should not be in the south of the house which will make you dizzy and have hidden danger.

Feng Shui Staircase should not be opposite the house door, kitchen door or bathroom door because the evil spirits at the staircase will have adverse impact on your house, kitchen and bathroom and make you prone to illness and unexpected financial losses.

Feng Shui Staircase should not be opposite the bedroom or bed. Otherwise, the evil spirits at the staircase will get into the bedroom and seriously affect your health, even lead to abortion or bleeding disasters.

Avoid building a stair in the room, or it will harm women and children in your family because the evil spirits at the stairway will make it difficult for the women in your to get pregnant or deliver and cause the frail health of children; adults living in the room with a stair will also be prone to illness.

The stair should not be above the bed, or it will be harmful to your family number. If the stair is above your bed, you will be prone to illness and bleeding disasters under the influence of the evil spirits.

The step number of Feng Shui Stair should be an auspicious singular rather than an inauspicious dual. The step number and angle should conform to the human body engineering; the step number should be an odd which means generation. The spiral staircase in the house should be in 270°.

The gradient of the stair should be as small as possible for the purpose of gathering Qi. This is for the consideration of the elder and children's safety as well as the average adult. If the space is large enough, the zigzag stair with a rest platform or a comfortable and beautiful arc stair is suggested. The more gradient a stair is, the more negative Feng Shui effects it will bring. As a result, the staircase should have a moderate gradient. In terms of shape, the spiral staircase or the stair with a turning platform is preferred.

When it comes to the material, the wooden stair which lets in and out Qi slowly rather than the stone or metal stair is suggested. Wood is the most natural material while other materials like metal will more or less bring certain sharp aura field adverse to health.

The handrail of the stair should not be too wide for the consideration of placing children's head in between.

The stair steps should have rounded corners to avoid hurting your feet.

The space under the stair can be placed with plants or serve as the cabinet rather than kitchen, dining room or bedroom because the flow of Qi is faster at the staircase, thus harmful to the kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Besides, the noise of going upstairs and downstairs is also inappropriate for the bedroom which requires quiet.

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