Feng Shui Tips and Cures for a Bed under Window

Why sleeping with head under window is bad Feng Shui?
It’s bad luck to place your bed under a window in Feng Shui. As the main channel for air to flow in and out a room, window takes in fresh air to replace the indoor air. In the airflow exchange, the Qi field ('Qi' means vital energy) is changed greatly. If your bed is right under a window, your sleep will be affected by bright light and airflow and your body energy will lose, which is adverse to your health and fortune. The window at headboard suggests the loss of energy and wealth, leads to cerebral neurasthenia, headache, or upper respiratory infection and makes it easy to catch a cold when the season changes. Also, it brings a sense of depression.

Cures for Bed under the Window
You'd better make the window at the side of your bed. But what if your bed is under the window and you cannot change the position? Here are some solutions:

1. Seal the window. If the window is the only one in the bedroom, however, it cannot be sealed.
2. Hang a calabash or a string of Five, Six or Ten-Emperor Coins behind the headboard.
3. Put a back plate at the headboard. Cover the window with it at night and move it away in the morning to let in fresh air.
4. Choose a bed with high back to cover the window effectively.
5. Choose the thick window shade with gauze curtain.
6. Put some books or trinkets on the windowsill to reduce the adverse impact.
7. If the window is right above the bed, you can move it left or right slightly from right under the window to reduce the adverse impact. Do not use this method if it will affect the overall layout and aesthetic feeling of your bedroom.
8. Choose a bunk bed with a desk under. In this way, the bed upper will not be under the window while the desk under will facilitate the ventilation.
9. If possible, invite a Feng Shui master to see how to place your bed and offer the guidance more suitable for you.

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