Feng Shui for Health

Feng Shui Tips for Good Health

Health, on the one hand, is subject to your congenital constitution of parental genes; on the other hand, it is affected by the Feng Shui of the acquired living environment. Since the congenital constitution can't be changed, you may learn the Feng Shui of the acquired living environment and adjust it correspondingly to enjoy good health. Then, what are the Feng Shui elements affecting your health?

Light & Humidness
The ill-ventilated houses with poor light, and the dark and damp rooms with basement are not suitable to live in. If you live in the too damp and ill-ventilated house, your immunity will be influenced and you will be prone to depression, cold, chilblain, rheumatism, etc. The over dry air is also adverse to your health and it will make you prone to respiratory diseases and skin inflammation and accelerate the spread of bacteria.

Surrounding Environment
Undoubtedly, the picturesque places are auspicious for you to live from the perspective of surrounding environment. A house with poor surroundings is definitely very bad for your luck and health.

Internal Structure of House
What the front door to the house is the mouth to your body, so the area in front shall be open and well-ventilated. What the living room to the house is the face to your body, so it shall be spacious, bright and unobstructed. Just like your shoulders which symbolize ability and responsibility, the dining room and kitchen shall not be disorderly and unsystematic, or they will increase the pressure of your family. The study and bedroom represent your quality and mood and they shall be solemn. The balcony and sundry room correspond to your arms and legs and the ill-ventilated will make you unable to stretch out.

Room Direction
The directions in your room respectively correspond to the following five elements and body organs: east belongs to Wood and corresponds to liver and gall; west belongs to metal and corresponds to lung; south belongs to Fire and corresponds to heart; north belongs to Water and corresponds to kidney while center belongs to Earth and corresponds to spleen and stomach. When it comes to the corresponding bedroom layout and color, the intergeneration is auspicious. For example, east belongs to Wood and you should not put items in inter-restriction with Wood, such as those items belonging to Earth, Fire or Metal. Instead, you'd better put the lush plants to improve your family's health and longevity or the items belonging to water and landscape paintings, which do also work because Water can cultivate Wood.

Blocked Indoor Piping
In Feng Shui, Water means blood vessel which shall be unobstructed. If there is pipe blockage, leakage or plugged sewer pipe in your house, you may suffer from circulation, respiratory or digestive system diseases.

Bathroom in the House Center
In Feng Shui, bathroom is a place of bad luck and other rooms in your house, such as the kitchen, shall stay away from it. A bathroom in the house center is a taboo in Feng Shui because the offensive odors of the bathroom will spread to every corner and have a destructive effect on your family health.

Avoid the High Floor
Do not live too high, or you may absorb less magnetic energy from the earth but more solar energy, which will make you prone to dysphoria, nervous disorder, insomnia, or even depression.

Bed Position
Sleep quality is closely related to health. If you have a beam above the bed, a door opposite the headboard, or a window above the headboard, the direction will be bad for you. Also, if your bed has a bathroom or washing machine upstairs, or your bedroom is at the end of the corridor, your sleep will be affected and you will be prone to cold and headache. Only if you avoid the adverse factors, can you have a sound sleep.

Stacked Stuff under Bed
Some people like to pack up the old things seldom used in daily life and put them under the bed to save space. Since the area cannot be cleaned regularly, the stuff stacked may cause a variety of pests and bacteria. If you sleep above a pile of garbage, you will get the accumulated impact over a long period. In particular, the pregnant woman's bed shall not have stacked stuff under, or the fetus's health will be adversely affected.

Computer at the Bedside
As a matter of convenience, some people like to put the computer at the bedside but the computer will produce radiation and make your head in a radiation environment, which will affect your health seriously and lead to the frequent dizziness and myasthenia of limbs.

Garbage in Front of Door
As the saying goes, disease enters by the mouth. If you put garbage in front of door, you will see it and smell the dirty odor once you open the door, which will affect your health seriously.

Littered Shoes
For the sake of convenience, many families would take off the shoes once entering the front door and put them casually but this is a taboo in Feng Shui. Since you travel around with shoes, there is a variety of bacteria on the shoe soles. If you put them casually, you will take the bacteria into your house and make your family prone to respiratory infection.

Dirty Kitchen
Since food is the first necessity, everyone needs to enjoy abundant meals every day. If the kitchen is dirty and full of dust and lampblack, however, it will have the impact not to be ignored, leading to dyspepsia, or even food poisoning.

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