Face Reading Ears

Ears in Physiognomy

Known as ''采听官'' (cǎitīng guān, organ of hearing), ears represent the luck in early youth before the age of 14. Also, the earlobes have certain influence on the fortune after the age of 60. While reading the ears, the size, color, shape, hardness and height shall be taken into consideration first, followed by each part.

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The ear consists of six parts:

Heaven Helix (Tian Lun, 天轮), Man Helix (Ren Lun, 人轮) and Earth Helix (Di Lun, 地轮) indicate age period and corresponding luck;

Antihelix represents the love of parents and complexion.

Earhole represents one's tolerance;

Tragus represents the sense of responsibility.


The big ears are auspicious while the small inauspicious. The size of ears is not absolute but relative in comparison with the face. If the ear takes a large proportion, it is big. The standard is as follows: the Heaven Helix is on the same horizontal line with the eyebrow while the Earth Helix is one the same horizontal line with the nose tip. If the ear is higher than the eyebrow and lower than the nose tip, it is big and vice versa.

The big ears belong to the vigorous and active people; the small ears indicate poor health and quiet personality in early youth.


White ears are the best, followed by the pink, red, greyish white and black respectively (black ears are worst for people belonging to water in five elements).

White ears: good memory, sound kidney, excellent thinking and analysis ability; good luck throughout life, noble quality and high status.
Pink ears: good memory, diligence, hands-on attitude and great achievements.
Red ears: not so good, do more but get less, work fruitlessly despite the diligence, limited achievements and live a hard life.
Greyish ears: plain luck, weak body, deficient kidney Qi, laziness, no energy to win the chance, few accomplishments in life.
Black ears: the worst color represents weak kidney, poor health, chaotic thought, indecision and toiling all day.


The hard ear is better than the soft as it indicates the sufficient kidney Qi, good physical strength, good memory and pioneering spirit; the soft ear represents the deficient kidney Qi, poor physical strength and memory, no ambition and lazy attitude.


A strongly defined ear is the most important thing. The earhole shall not be too small while the tragus shall be neither too large nor too small.


Eyebrow is the standard to decide the height of ear and the ear above eyebrow is high, vice versa. If the highest point of ear is on the same horizontal line with the lowest point of eyebrow, it will be the standard. It will be fine to be slightly higher, lower or standard as long as the ear is overly high or low. The ear higher than eyebrow represents the profound thought and idealistic mind while the lower is more realistic. If the ear is overly high, it suggests the person is too idealistic to adapt to society; it the ear is overly low, it indicates the person pays much more attention to creature comfort and is of bad character generally.


Face in the referent when it comes to the position of ears. The ear closer to the face is regarded forward, and vice versa. The backward and normal position of ear are both fine but the forward is unfavorable as it suggests the poor health.


Helix is the bending cartilage at the most outer side of the ear, which represents the luck in early youth. It consists of Heaven Helix, Man Helix and Earth Helix which indicate the luck in different periods.

Heaven Helix, Man Helix and Earth Helix of left ear represent the period of 1 to 2, 3 to 4 and 5 to 7 respectively while the ones of right ear represent the period of 8 to 9, 10 to 11 and 12 to 14 respectively (for men, the age starts from left while for women, the age begins from the right).

If abnormal raised or sunken part is found at the helix, it indicates the poor health in the period; if it is obvious and serious, it suggests the big event of family, probably parting forever with brother or sister, including the miscarriage of mother.


Antihelix is a circle of otica closest to the helix. In face reading, there are two sayings, namely Lun Fei (轮飞) and Kuo Fan (廓反).

Lun Fei (轮飞) refers to the pointed helix which is a bad sign of harming parents, no luck for parents, strong sense of privacy, high alertness and insidious impression. This kind of character is cultivated from the indifferent relationship with parents and the self-reliance in childhood.

Kuo Fan (廓反) refers that the curve-out antihelix (antihelix is more protuberant than the helix). This kind of people gets limited love from parent, love to excel others and never admit defeat. In ancient physiognomy books, Kuo Fan (廓反) is regarded as a sign of rebellion. Actually, this kind of people is just highly rebellious, stubborn and unwilling to admit their mistakes.


Earhole shall be in moderate size. A big earhole represents the tolerance and opening attitude to others' opinions. The small earholes belong to the intolerant and stubborn people blind to others' opinions.


Tragus is the sarcosome in the front of ear. The small tragus indicates no sense of responsibility while the overly large suggests the sense of responsibility is too strong and the person may act subjectively and refuse to listen to your opinions is he/she believes the way is right. Such kind of employee is troublesome for a boss.


Earlobe (ear pearls or Lobule) represents the luck after the age of 60. The big and forward earlobe pointing to the jaw is the best. This kind of people tends to have quite good luck after the age of 60.

The earlobe grows with the age. A person without earlobes after the age of 60 will spend the poor later years. In addition, it doesn't work to stretch the earlobes by wearing the earrings. The good earlobes are thick and raised both front and back. If only one side is raised, the earlobe will be considered as the fake one. What's more, the earlobe even has a more dominating influence on one's later years than the jaw. If the jaw is not well-defined while the earlobes are good, one can still enjoy the comfortable later years because the earlobe dominates the inner while the face dominates the outer.