Personality for Monkey People of B Type Blood

B-type Monkey people are ready-witted, adaptable, considerate, sociable, always think about others and help those in need, thus deeply respected by others. However, they lack patience and perseverance. If they can be indomitable and patient, they will make greater progress in career and live a better life.


As extroverted, forthright, lively, energetic, emotional and original as B-type people, and as enthusiastic, confident and responsible as Monkeys, they like to express their opinions but never stick stubbornly; also, they are warm-hearted and humorous at any occasion, and often play the role of organizer of a team or propagandist of an activity. Quick off the mark, they are faster than others no matter that they do and are very resourceful and adaptable. B-type Monkeys are quite capable and can play to their strengths in any environment. In schooldays, they can find pleasure in knowledge and never make learning a pain. As a result, they are more knowledgeable and experienced than other peers but never show off. At work, they are perceptive of the slightest, can grasp the pulse of the times and seize opportunities due to their sharp observation. In terms of interpersonal relationship, they talk with others in a humorous and interesting way and attract many friends who want to communicate and learn something from them. With no great expectation or ambition for wealth, however, they take advantage of opportunities to get richer and richer.


They have the strengths and weaknesses of both B-type people and Monkeys. Passionate and highly executive for everything, they lack perseverance, have a strong sense of self-superiority and subjective consciousness, always start from their own interests, consider about their own gain and loss and show little respect for others. The strong competitiveness leads to the jealous mind, which is shown when someone surpasses them or has something they don't have.


The advantage overused becomes a disadvantage and inferiority is probably hidden behind the pride. Therefore, Monkeys of B-type blood should be modest and prudent and never feel proud for a little bit of success. Also, they are suggested to plan carefully before doing anything and listen to others rather than rush forward willfully, or the work quality will be affected.

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