Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Monkey

Monkey's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Rat, Dragon, Rooster
Worst Match: Tiger, Pig, Snake

The people born in the year of the Monkey could be attracted by the Rat people. The Rat always absorbs the merits of the Monkey to help pushing their business forward. The Dragon also can inspire from the wisdom of the Monkey. As Snake and Monkey are in the Six Compatible Groups of Chinese Zodiac, they could coordinate with each other well no matter as a couple or as partners in business.
The people born in the year of the Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, Horse and Ox like to intake good points of the Monkey to improve competitiveness. Besides, the people under the Rooster sign like to cooperate with the wise Monkey as well.
However, the Monkey should never show off in front of the Tiger in competition, because the Tiger is easy to be enraged and make reprisals. Also, the Tiger should avoid dabbling with things of the Monkey for this may make them open to attack. In relationship with the Pig, it’s said the monkey couldn’t live long with the pig after marriage. But in many cases, they could be a good pair and partner if both of them are tolerant.

Monkey-Rat Compatibility

Friendship: You monkeys and rats could be very good friend. But the rat people should avoid laying all cards on the table as the tricky monkey like to take advantage of the rat.

Partnership: Cooperation between the monkey and rat is ok. But you monkeys needs to be independent in thinking and don’t rely too much on the Rat.

Love Relationship:
Male Monkey + Female Rat: 95% Match
You are truly a match made in heaven and will have a lifetime of happiness together.
Female Monkey + Male Rat: 85% Match
You are a successful union and could live happily after marriage. The male rat could tolerant all the disadvantages of the female Monkey in life.

Monkey-Dragon Compatibility

Friendship: No matter to be friends or lovers, the monkey and dragon are a good compatibility. You could be true friends.

Partnership: If you monkey people want to do business with the dragon persons, you should take great care and avoid falling into the trap. But if you are partners in business or work, you could support each other and achieve too much.

Love Relationship:
Male Monkey + Female Dragon: 90% Match
You are a perfect match that knows to respect and cherish each other. Marriage brings you common goals.
Female Monkey + Male Dragon: 90% Match
You are an ideal couple that adds radiance and beauty to each other. The female Monkey could give the male dragon a strong feeling of safety.

Monkey-Rooster Compatibility

Friendship: The rooster people belong to the unrestrained and vigorous style. They like random-thinking and don’t stick at trifles. As for you monkeys, you are also not like to be controlled by other. So, if you could tolerant the other’s disadvantages and avoid complaining, you could be a good friend who both advocate freedom.

Partnership: Both of you are adventurous pioneers. So, if you cooperate with each other, you should avoid speculating and taking advantage of opportunity. Take a short view would bring you nothing.

Love Relationship:
Male Monkey + Female Rooster: 70% Match
You could be a good match as you have much in common. But you need to own a deep foundation in love to make your marriage endure for a lifetime.
Female Monkey + Male Rooster: 50% Match
It's easy for you to attract and fall in love with each other, but it's hard for you to get along very well. You should try to change your combative character to ease your relationship.

Monkey-Tiger Compatibility

Friendship: The people of tiger sign are mostly straightforward and dim-witted in nature. When stay with the calculating monkey people, they would feel uncomfortable. So, it’s hard to be friends.

Partnership: As you monkey people are smart and sharp-sighted, the tigers usually are calculated by you when cooperate with each other.

Love Relationship:
Male Monkey + Female Tiger: 30% Match
It's hard for you to live a happy marriage life, since both of you are calculating and self-centered, and have strong desire for leadership.
Female Monkey + Male Tiger: 20% Match
You two are living in a different world. Though you are both kind, friendly, open-minded and easy-going, you don't have common values.

Monkey-Pig Compatibility

Friendship: You monkeys couldn’t be good friend with the pig people as the pigs hate dishonesty to them too much. Your calculating nature usually makes the pigs feel uncomfortable.

Partnership: Compared with the monkey people, the pig people are less smart. So, if you cooperate in career or business, your tricky way to deal with things usually couldn’t be accepted.

Love Relationship:
Male Monkey + Female Pig: 55% Match
You could enjoy a happy marriage but need common efforts to maintain your relationship after the marriage.
Female Monkey + Male Pig: 55% Match
You treat each other with respect, but lack communication, deep love and cohesion.

Monkey-Snake Compatibility

Friendship: The snake people are usually conservative. And you monkey people are careless and like the freedom of living. There may be some problems caused due to your different characters. However, for the snakes who could appreciate your personality and tolerant your shortcomings, they usually find it’s worthwhile to make friends with you.

Partnership: When cooperate with each other, the snake people usually could do well with the monkeys. This is because the snakes are men of accuracy and strict method while you monkeys tend to be careless. So, the snake could always make up the shortcomings of the monkey.

Love Relationship:
Male Monkey + Female Snake: 85% Match
You are cut out for each other. In Chinese zodiac, you are in the same compatible group which makes you could get along very well in life.
Female Monkey + Male Snake: 80% Match
You are truly a match made in heaven. If you fall in love or get married, you could give each other great encouragement.

Monkey Love Relationship with Other Animal Signs

Male Monkey + Female Dog: 80% Match
Female Monkey + Male Dog: 80% Match

Male Monkey + Female Monkey: 80% Match

Male Monkey + Female Sheep: 60% Match
Female Monkey + Male Sheep: 60% Match

Male Monkey + Female horse: 70% Match
Female Monkey + Male horse: 65% Match

Male Monkey + Female Rabbit: 80% Match
Female Monkey + Male Rabbit: 65% Match

Male Monkey + Female Ox: 55% Match
Female Monkey + Male Ox: 60% Match

Compatible Signs for Monkey Born in Different Months

The following chart shows the compatible zodiac signs for the Monkey people born in different months. Find out your soulmate according to your month now:

Birth Month of the Monkey Personality of the Monkey Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. practical with decisive action Sheep Tiger
Feb. optimistic Snake Rat
Mar. having wide interests Rat Sheep
Apr. positive Rabbit Ox
May. discontent with the present situation Snake Horse
Jun. to hot and cold with others Sheep Ox
Jul. eloquent Tiger Horse
Aug. mannered; well-behaved Pig Tiger
Sep. diffident; lacking self-confidence Horse Rabbit
Oct. energetic and active Pig Any
Nov. having progressive spirit Sheep Sheep
Dec. fun-loving Rabbit Horse

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