Monkey Personality


1. Versatile, desire to show off, want to try everything and generally make achievement;
2. Glib, good at social communication, get along and play well with others quickly;
3. Smart, keen induction force and unique views on things;
4. Aggressive, love to compete with others and pursue new things;
5. Confident, brave, strong execution, extraordinary courage and leadership;
6. Gifted and learn new things quickly.


1. Love playing and hate restraint;
2. Lack of patience, perseverance and responsibility, and short-sighted;
3. Cunning, hypocritical, overoptimistic, conceited and opportunistic;
4. Dependent, vain, love the new and loathe the old;
5. Boastful and not down-to-earth.

Male and Female Monkeys Personality

Male Monkey Personality: Male Monkeys are intelligent, enthusiastic, confident, motivated, responsible, mostly talented in financial management and practical. They are humorous, romantic, versatile and sociable, and always can get along well with people. At the same time, Monkey men are competitive, vain, green-eyed, untrammelled by convention, careless, sloppy and volatile. 

Female Monkey Personality: Female Monkeys are smart and easy-going. They are beautiful, sociable, charming and good at enlivening the atmosphere, thus always the focus of social places. Most of them are fond of artistic performance and talented in acting. At the same time, they are moody, impatient, cunning, conceited and opportunistic.

Monkey People's Personality by Five Elements

The Monkey people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Monkeys.
Metal Monkey: 1920 (Feb. 20, 1920 - Feb. 7, 1921) and 1980 (Feb. 16, 1980 - Feb. 4, 1981)
Water Monkey: 1932 (Feb. 6, 1932 - Jan. 25, 1933) and 1992 (Feb. 4, 1992 - Jan. 22, 1993)
Fire Monkey: 1956 (Feb. 12, 1956 - Jan. 30, 1957) and 2016 (Feb. 8, 2016 - Jan. 27, 2017)
Earth Monkey: 1968 (Jan. 30, 1968 - Feb. 16, 1969)
Wood Monkey: 1994 (Jan. 25, 1944 - Feb. 12, 1945) and 2004 (Jan. 22, 2004 - Feb. 8, 2005)

Monkey People's Personality by Blood Types

Monkeys Born in Different Periods of a Day

The monkey people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The Monkey people born in the morning usually treat others kindly and politely. They would not like to push themselves forward. When dealing with things, they are usually actively to round off their work. However, they regard their interests much more important than work. Sometimes, they may give up a good job in order to have more time on their hobbies. So, when finding jobs, they had better choose one that they are interested. However, like the monkey scampering in the trees in nature, the Monkey people are not steady. They are fond of social activities and circulate among many friends. Nevertheless, they have few bosom friends.
The Monkey people born at noon give full play to their intelligent character trait. So they have sharp eyes and predictive power to view things accurately. The Monkey men are active, outgoing and proactive. They would like to try everything they want and can get good results. The Monkey women are mostly great mothers who are independent and good-tempered.
The Monkey people born in the evening are honest, loyal to friends, zealous, well favored and always give alms to the poor. These make them get help from others more easily. They are the persons who will finish what they start. In work, they are faithful in the performance of their duties and can get appreciation by the supervisor. In fortune, they are late bloomers who suffer lot in their early youth and turn to be better from the middle ages. If they try to handle affairs more steadily when young, life can be smooth.

Detailed Character Analysis of Monkeys

People under the Money sign are more quick-witted and smart than other signs. In daily life, their clever brains lead them to the correct methods and roads and nothing is difficult for them, so they can get success easily. Also, they are shrewd and can always come up with an idea to ease your anger even if they offend you. Their shrewd lies in both social communication and career, helping them to make great achievements.

They hold a positive attitude towards everyone, cope with any problem, help others, work and communicate positively, thus very vigorous, which is beneficial for their further development.

Another strength of Money people lies in their confidence and courage. They never shrink back in the face of difficulties and they are passionate, smart, and can get out of troubles easily. Their speech and behavior show their confidence. With the confident attitude and the clever wisdom, they have excellent advantages in leadership. Once the confidence reaches the extreme, however, they will be conceited and they should be aware of it.

Quite enterprising, Monkeys love study since childhood and they use their wisdom in study first. They are unwilling to lag behind and always want to study well, thus diligent, inquisitive and knowledgeable. But sometimes they are content with superficial understanding and not careful; they should work hard to become a useful person.

They deal with work based on interest: for the things they don't like, they may hold a careless attitude and treat lightly; for the things they are interested in, they will fear no difficulty or obstacle and work hard to succeed.

The most enviable strength of Monkey people lies in their competence of solving problems: they can always come up with novel ways to catch the key points of problems through the complex surface phenomena and pull through at last. They can be the outstanding businessmen because they are good at talking about business and can find a way to defeat opponent.

Generally, Monkeys are talented in financial management and have the practical spirit. They usually employ the strategy of small profits but quick turnover to reach the business success and tend to haggle over every ounce in trading; unlike the straightforward Tigers or the tough Dragons, they accumulate wealth through small profits which are seemingly insignificant but the result is amazing once accumulated.

They put a special emphasis on kinship and filial obedience is just their instinct. They make all-out efforts to raise children and ask nothing in return but they tend to spoil their children. At the same time, they cherish the love between husband and wife, live together to old age and often wish their spouses could listen to them. They are very hospitable, treat friends frankly and sincerely, and respect equal contacts; also, they love to defend against injustice and are ready to help others.

Monkey people are so convinced of their superiority that they show no respect to others, always start from their own interests and consider their own gain and loss, thus selfish and vain. In addition, they may get green-eyed because of this and show their jealousy once someone else has something they don't have.

Since Monkey is one of the most cunning signs in Chinese zodiac, people under this sign are a little cunning due to their extraordinary talent and they are good at exploiting an advantage and making others their stepping stones to success. They have the strong competitive spirit but they are skilled in hiding their ideas and making the cunning action plan behind.

Lack of responsibility is another shortcoming of Monkeys. In life, they do what they like and deal with things completely based on their own feelings. It is easy for them to develop the passion for work but it only lasts momentarily and they may give up halfway due to the lack of responsibility.

Besides, Monkey people love playing and they are impatient in handling things, thus often give up on those they don't like. On the other hand, this kind of character makes them only see the immediate interests and lack the long-term plan. Sometimes, they may ask the other to solve the problems they can work out, which is adverse to their development.

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