2023 Chinese Horoscope For monkey

monkey Horoscope
Lucky Number: 4, 9
Lucky Color: White
People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Monkey will not have a very good financial fortune in 2023, but the financial fortune will not that bad
2023 Horoscope for monkey born in: 1968 1980 1992


* The prediction is valid for 2023 (year of the Rabbit) starting from Jan.22, 2023 and lasting to Feb.9, 2024.
Rating: 4 stars
People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Monkey will not have a very good financial fortune in 2023, but the financial fortune will not that bad either. Their career development won’t go smoothly and they will be excluded by some people in the workplace. Although there will be no heavy storms in their career, their ability will not be realized, and their enthusiasm will be suppressed. Their luck in obtaining wealth from their full-time jobs or businesses will be very good, and their hard work and efforts will be rewarded. In terms of relationship, they will have a good luck in attracting the opposite sex, and they can participate in more social activities to meet more friends of the opposite sex. In terms of health, they will be affected by the ominous star of "Bing Fu", and they should take care. In particular, they pay attention to the retrograde of the heat in the heart and lung, which will lead to poor mental state and lethargy. They’d better wear a Sanhe bracelet for Monkey to be blessed with good luck in all aspect in 2023. 


Rating: 4 stars
The overall financial fortune of the Monkeys will be fairly good in 2023, especially their luck in obtaining wealth from full-time jobs or businesses. Sheltered by the auspicious star of "Tian Ji", there will be many opportunities for the Monkeys, and they can get a good return in wealth through hard work and efforts. However, they should never think about getting rich overnight. Instead, they should be down-to-earth, and at the same time be careful not to touch the ill-gotten gains. Otherwise, they will only cause trouble for themselves. When the Monkeys who are engaged in business are expanding their business, they must investigate in advance, and they should not expand blindly, otherwise, they will lose money. For female, better wear a Yellow Citrine Bracelet with Pi Xiu in 2023 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Pi Xiu or hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant in the car.  


Rating: 4 stars
The career development of the Monkeys will not be very smooth in 2023. In particular, they will often be calculated by some villains during the process of work and career development. They should be vigilant against the villains. If they are too eye-catching in the process of getting along with others, they will be prone to the exploitation by others. Generally speaking, there will still be many opportunities for their work and career in 2023. Although there will be some ups and downs, as long as they can actively adjust their mentality to face the difficulties and actively expand their contacts and connections, they will achieve a good career breakthrough. To improve their luck in career in 2023, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Monkey sign. Snake sign could give secret help to Monkey in Chinese Zodiac, so wear a Liu He bracelet with Snake and Monkey signs could also help them have breakthrough in career.

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
In 2023, the Monkeys will have a very good fortune in love and relationship, and they will be attractive to the opposite sex. The Monkeys are eloquent, charming, and of high intelligence quotient when getting along with other people. They have many friends of the opposite sex, and the single Monkeys will have many opportunities to get rid of their single status in 2023. However, they still need to more consider the character of the dating partners when choosing the significant others. For the married Monkeys, they should beware of the bad luck in toxic affairs in 2023, and maintain loyalty and faithfulness in relationships. They are suggested to wear an amethyst bracelet with Monkey sign in 2023 to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis. 


Rating: 4 stars
The health of the Monkeys will be affected by the ominous star of "Bing Fu (illness symbol)" in 2023, and there will be some constant minor problems in their health. As such, they should pay attention to their health in the daily life, and should not put too much pressure on themselves in work and career. Diet habit is also very important, and they should remember not to eat too much greasy and spicy food, otherwise it will easily harm their health. In addition, in 2023, the Monkeys should maintain an open-minded attitude, take more care when going out, and they should not drive fatigued, otherwise it will be highly likely to cause some accidents and unexpected disasters. To improve the health fortune, the Monkeys can wear some auspicious Feng Shui ornaments such as Green Agate bracelet with Monkey sign. If they often drive,they’d better hang a Tiger's Eye Double Pi Xiu Car Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament (for male) or a Boxwood Car Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament (for female) for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2022. 

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