2024 Chinese Horoscope For Monkey

monkey Horoscope
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Gold
People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Monkey will be in harmony with Tai Sui in 2024. Whether it’s in the aspect of career, money or health, it will be a year of rising good luck for the Monkeys. The Monkeys should be positive and optimistic, and they should not be too lazy, nor miss the life-time good opportunity.

2024 Horoscope for Monkey

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monkey Horoscope

Note: In year 2019, the people born under the Monkey sign will Harming Tai Sui 害太岁, a kind of Fan Tai Sui. Click the link to get cures: → Chinese Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' with Remedies
Monkey is the 10th animal sign of Chinese zodiac and belongs to Shen (申) in twelve earthly branches and Metal (金) in five elements. As the animal most similar with human beings, Monkey is the most advanced primate in mammals and the cleverest animal in the twelve zodiac signs. Since 猴 (monkey) and侯 (nobleman) are homophones, monkey has been regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, nobleness, warding off evil and bringing fortune in traditional Chinese customs since Tang and Song Dynasties.

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Lifelong Fortune
You Monkey people are lively, active and competitive. Males are eloquent while females are glib. In youth, you are crazy about new things and often get support from the elder; in middle age, you can seize every opportunity but will be busy running about; in old age, you can make prosperous property and prolong life joyfully and comfortably.

Lifelong Luck in Money Making
Since you are smart, you can always seize economic opportunity and your inherent good luck in making money makes others envy a lot. However, you are inevitably rash and can hardly achieve the ideal goal of wealth accumulation.
Performance in Wealth
1. You will have sound luck in wealth throughout the life but you are naturally impatient and lack of deep consideration for things, thus often miss a lot of good opportunities of making a fortune.
2. Being flexible, you can always enjoy the happiness of making money through a variety of ways, not only for money, but also for new feelings.
3. You tend to spend money like water but will also try to manage your money because you believe spending can motivate you to make more money.
How to Improve Wealth?
Lucky Direction for Work Income: East   
Lucky Direction for Windfalls: Northeast
You should wear or place Snake, Rat or Dragon zodiac mascot on your table and often touch the lucky item you wear to improve your luck in wealth. Remember, never choose a tiger and pig item. Where possible, you may try to look for the chances of making a fortune in east or northeast.

Lifelong Fortune in Career
You Monkey people are versatile, ambitious and business-minded. If you want to get success in career and be promoted steadily, you should operate carefully and seek improvement in stability rather than act in haste.
Performance in Career
1. Being aggressive, you have a persistent pursuit in career but you are a little lazy and should believe that no pays, no gains.
2. You are born to be versatile, enquiry-minded and creative, thus suitable for any work.
3. For the work you are not interested, you will do carelessly; for the work you are interested, however, you will be fully devoted and not fear difficulties until you get success.
How to Improve Career Fortune?
If you want to be successful in career, you may communicate and get along more with people under Snake, Rat and Dragon sign to be helped by the benefactor for the steady rise of your career. The Wenchang Star (the God of Literature) blessing you is in the northeast and you may place a suitable Feng Shui furnishing article in this direction to make everything go well and get promoted to a higher position.
→ Ideal Jobs and Work Partners for Monkey

Lifelong Fortune in Love
You tend to vacillate in love relationship and often cannot find happiness. If you really fall in love with someone, however, you will try every means to win his/her heart with your sincerity, so as to enjoy a happy love life.
Performance in Love
1. With an idealistic view on love, you will consider whether you two are really compatible in love, which takes a long time to test.
2. You male Monkeys are very thoughtful for your lover and often rush to pursue the one you love but you may be fickle in affection to find a new one.
3. You female Monkeys tend to lay emphasis on men's appearance and will not take the initiative to pursue the one you love; also, you will refuse the crazy pursuer.
How to Enjoy Happy Marriage?
Snake and Monkey are one of the six compatible groups (Liu He 六合), so a life partner under the Snake sign for you will be the best match. Besides, Rat, Dragon and Monkey are one of the four compatible groups (San He 三合), you may also find a life partner under Rat or Dragon sign, which is also a favorable match. However, you are conflicting with Tiger people and mutually harming Pig people; a partner under such a sign will have many quarrels and problems with you, thus can hardly insist on to the last and an unfavorable match. The lucky direction for your love is west and you may place a suitable Feng Shui item in this direction to improve your luck with the opposite sex.

In five elements, Monkey belongs to Metal which represents the lung in human body. Therefore, you people under the Monkey sign will be prone to lung diseases, especially the dryness-heat diseases. Full of energy, you like the pleasure brought by excitement and adventure and need to beware of the hand and foot injury caused by your restless character; also, you may often suffer from respiratory system diseases caused by overly exhaustion. You are suggested to learn the self-adjustment in daily life and go out more to relax and reduce stress to keep healthy.

Taboos in Daily Life
1. Never wear the tiger shaped jewelry.
2. Avoid staying with people under Tiger or Pig sign.
3. Do not place your bed in the northeast direction of your house.

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