Personality for Monkey People of A Type Blood

With an iron hand in a velvet glove, Monkey people of A-type blood are introverted, capable and well-experienced, keep a level head without partiality, take the lead and work in earnest and with responsibility. Merely, they are sometimes stubborn and rigidly adhere to forms and details in life. Also, they hesitate a lot for everything, labor and toil with mind and body, thus penny wise, pound foolish. After middle age, they get steady and mature and move to success step by step with the support and help of friends.


Steady and practical, they are never frivolous in love relationship and would treat the one they love wholeheartedly once they express love to the person. So, they are good partner worth depending on. At work, Monkeys of A-type blood are down-to-earth and very responsible. They always take precautions, plan carefully, fulfil tasks excellently and endear themselves to leadership. Competent and shrewd, they can always go deep into the essence of complicated issues, take up the vital points, work calmly and systematically, organize and coordinate skillfully. Seemingly weak, they are actually more strong-minded than anyone else. A-type Monkeys are pragmatic, honest, fair and square, and scrupulous in separating public from private, never gang up or play tricks. Humorous and cheerful, they speak astonishingly, bring laughter and make the atmosphere lively wherever they go. Though playful and noisy, they have a sense of propriety for everything and never violate the moral code. Also, they attach importance to friendship, serve the visiting friends wholeheartedly and help out the friends in trouble, thus trusted and supported by friends.


However, they response slowly and are considered one track-minded due to the failure in keeping pace with others. Because of the strong sense of responsibility, they are under heavy pressure and too caught up in various details and forms. A-type Monkeys have so many concerns that they often lose head and make mistakes in the face of urgent matters. Since they trust others overly and seldom hold back, they often fall in traps designed by others. They are so stubborn that they can hardly listen to others; as the leader of a team, they cannot win the true obedience of subordinates unless give full play to democracy.


With the help and support from friends, A-type Monkey people can move to success step by step. Since they response quickly and are full of vitality, they can drive a roaring trade and get substantial incomes independently. Teacher - the human soul engineer, is one of the right choices for them since they are serious, responsible, and upright and often make an example. The jobs of fast working pace and strong innovation consciousness, however, might be unfit for them.

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