Personality for Snake People of B Type Blood

B-type Snakes are talented and decisive yet like to act alone. They tend to live a stable life with no huge twists and turns and will achieve even greater success if they can put down pride and ask help from friends.


Snakes of B-type blood are very humorous and eloquent, can tell what they feel exactly and enjoy great popularity. Highly independent, they get used to working hard on their own rather than depending on others or asking help. Also, they usually live a well-off life through their own abilities. Persistent in love relationship, they will never change until death once they fell in love or give up no matter how many difficulties they meet; instead, they will pursue despite of the distance and touch the other with their sincerity and persistence.


With an independent personality, they can always cope the setbacks in life with ease yet become solitary and keep themselves away from friends. As a result, they have few true friends in life. B-type Snake people hold a positive attitude towards love and sometimes play hard to win the one they love and ignore the other's feelings, making the other more and more disgusted. Also, they are emotional in marriage: sometimes speak sugared words and make promises, and sometimes fly into a rage and make the family restless.


B-type Snakes are suggested to get close to others and communicate more with people around to make more close friends rather than isolate themselves. The career development requires the support of connections and it is much easier to succeed with support than fighting alone. A strong desire for love often leads to pressure. If they can consider more about the other's feelings, they will enjoy sweeter love. Female B-type Snake is suggested to find a cheerful, mellow, tolerant and generous husband who can bear her indifferent and emotional character. Male B-type Snake is suggested to marry a gentle, virtuous, good-tempered and cultivated woman who can be a good wife and assist his career since he has few friends.