Personality Traits of Snake


1. Kind, optimistic, brave, persistent, intelligent and enterprising;
2. Calm, thoughtful, inborn with the sixth sense, outstanding insight, and strong judgment and adaptation;
3. Vigorous, single-minded, responsible, quick-minded, persistent morale and spirit;
4. Romantic, mysterious, skillful, sycophant and popular;
5. Silent, slow to anger, prudent and brainy;
6. Self-aware, attach great importance to spiritual life, never show off personal talent deliberately but march forward step by step.


1. Inconsistent, poker-faced, and unapproachable;
2. Vain, possessive, jealous, never show inner world easily or communicate with others casually;
3. Overcautious and irresolute;
4. Narrow-minded and suspicious.

Male and Female Snake Personality

Male Snake Personality: Most Snake men are sharp-sighted and resourceful. When dealing with hot potatoes, they can behave calmly like a leader. Highly responsible and goal-oriented, they are respected by people. Also, the gentle male Snakes have lofty ideals and work quickly without delay. Full of wisdom, they usually live a mysterious life.

Female Snake Personality: The charming female Snakes always make men lost with their calm, serene and good looks. They are confident and self-assured. With an outstanding ability of thinking and highly purposeful, they would accomplish the goals they set by all means and success is just as easy as pie for them. However, Snake women are quite jealous and suspicious.

Snake People's Personality by Five Elements

The Snake people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Snakes.
Fire Snake: 1977 (Feb. 18, 1977 - Feb. 06, 1978)
Wood Snake: 1965 (Feb. 02, 1965 - Jan. 20, 1966)
Water Snake: 1953 (Feb. 14, 1953 - Feb. 02, 1954) or 2013 (Feb. 10, 2013 - Jan. 30, 2014)
Metal Snake: 1941 (Jan. 27, 1941 - Feb. 14, 1942) or 2001 (Jan. 24, 2001 - Feb. 11, 2002)
Earth Snake: 1929 (Feb. 10, 1929 - Jan. 29, 1930) or 1989 (Feb. 06, 1989 - Jan. 26, 1990)

Snake People's Personality by Blood Types

Snake People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The snake people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The snake people born in the morning are always prudent in their words and deeds. They are committed to be practical, step-by-step business and work with great propriety. Because of this, they are easy to be trusted by the boss and advance quickly.
The snake people born at noon are quite aggressive with extraordinary ability. They are the persons who know when to eat humble pie and when to hold their heads high. They are highly adaptable to different works. Among all the works, they show great interests in mental ones. As they are real go-getters, others may feel pressing. This is unfavorable to the harmony between them and their colleagues. So restrain themselves are important.
As we all know, the snake like to go out and find food during the evening. So they are active this time of period. However, the people born during the evening are just opposite. They are most passive, silent, lazy, and lacking initiative and drive. They will do whatever is given to them and never struggle for their rights.

Detailed Character Analysis of Snakes

Lack of cooperation spirit, act on their own judgment, unwilling to communicate with others or accept others' advices.

Snake is the most stubborn animal sign in Chinese Zodiac and people under this sign are the most mysterious and incredible. The snake enjoys longevity and will get a new life every time it sloughs. This kind of special quality is a symbol of the strong regeneration capacity of Snake people and they can quickly resuscitate after each battle. Traditionally, Chinese people believe those born in spring and summer are best while those born in winter are relatively quiet and submissive because winter is the hibernation time of snake. In addition, those born under good weather conditions are more optimistic and more likely to be satisfied. Usually, beautiful women and strong-minded men are born in the snake years.

Snake people may look fierce but have the softest heart. Also, they look cool but it's just their way to protect themselves. They attach great importance to friendship but will be no longer friendly after being hurt. They can easily be moved yet always keep rational. They seem to be very strong but in fact the most vulnerable; they seem to be very stupid but actually the slow-witted of great wisdom. They are short-tempered yet very careful.

Snake people prefer act on their judgment to communicate openly with others. By nature, they are suspicious; unlike the Tiger people, they hide their suspicion and secret deep in heart; they'd rather believe in their fantasy than accept the advice of others.

They are strong-minded and can stand their ground until death. In addition, they are cunning and when the enemy thinks has caught them, they have already pull away. However, when they are determined to do something, they will not scruple.

With strong personality, people under the Snake sign are quite creative and talented. Although they don't act orderly, they clearly know what to do next; although they are unsociable, they are humorous and make themselves happy despite the few friends around. This makes others feel they are "mental" but it is this kind of humor sense that wins them love from others.

The noblest quality of Snakes lies in their kindness. Generally, they are very kind but never show their kindness easily.

In disturbances and difficulties, Snake people often play the role of backbone and they can face the music and calmly cope with any accident. They have the strong sense of responsibility and clear goals. Lofty ideals and natural advantages enable them to reach the peak of career. They can be philosophers, theologians, politicians and cunning financiers, or the most profound thinkers.

In the communication with others, they show the strong possessiveness and high requirements on others, and distrust friends to a certain extent. They will never forgive those who break the promise and sometimes they love to talk but sometimes keep silent for a whole day.

Snake people attach greatest importance to the sense of security and they hope to be protected but always stay alone.

The gentle and polite Snakes love reading, music masterpieces, delicious food and dramas and they are often attracted by all the good things in life.

People under other animal signs may pay back favor and debt in next life, but Snake people are destined to pay off all the debt before death.

Actually, the toughest point of Snake people is their inconsistency and they always keep a vigilant heart behind the quiet appearance. They are never visibly pleased but well planned before the real action. Some Snake people act slowly or lazily, but this definitely does not reflect their deductive thinking and action speed.

The most repulsive point of the Snake people is their cattiness but they are very wise. They look like easy-going but have a lot of evil ideas inside. They are nasty-nice, sinister, crafty, and drifting, making others cannot see their ideas.

The biggest shortcoming of the Snake people lies in their strong suspicion and they often hold a suspicious attitude towards anybody and anything, which makes them very prudent in doing things and leads to a few friends around. Some Snake people have a malicious mind and hold a jealous attitude to people and things. Therefore, it is hard for them to maintain friendship and love for a long time, and open their hearts to others.

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