Careers for Snake

With innate brilliance, people under the Snake sign are calm and seldom lose temper, often playing the role of spiritual leader in the public. At work, they are quick in respond and always able to do the work well and offer help when someone is in need. Seemingly indifferent, Snakes are actually warm inside and you can seek advice from them once you have a trouble, as they will speak without reserve. Snakes are suitable for business development and adventurous jobs which will bring them an enormous developing space.
Suitable Jobs for Snake: educators, beautician, TV presenters, models, athletes, designers, teachers, business operators, politicians, entrepreneurs, psychologists, publicists, authors, pastors etc.
Work Partners for Snake
→ Best Working Partners: Ox, Monkey and Rooster
→ Good Working Partners: Rooster and Ox (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Dragon, Rabbit, Sheep, Dog
→ Bad Working Partners: Tiger and Pig
Best Age to Start a Business for Snake: Age 40 – 60
Best Career Field for Snake: Entertainment
Best Business to Do: Boutiques
Best Direction for Career: East, West, and South

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Intellectual and Artistic Work
Boasting a rigorous thinking, people born in the Snake years will go ahead towards the goal once they are determined. While choosing a career, they'd better do knowledge-based work such as politician, teacher, entrepreneur, psychologist and PR practitioner. They are seemingly honest yet neurotic, suspicious, intelligent, aesthetical and artistic. Therefore, jobs related to art, culture, aesthetics, literature and other academic fields are quite suitable for Snake people.
Work Requiring Excellent Reactivity
Agile and flexible, Snakes may also engage in the jobs of fierce competition, such as host and athlete. Of course, it only means Snakes have a certain talent in these fields. To constantly seek for innovation and change and achieve success in these occupations, they still have to make more efforts.
Research Work
Blessed with a good memory, Snake people are suited to research work which can give their memory to good play. Besides, they are flexible and intelligent enough to cope with the problems encountered, which is also a feature right for research work.
Manager & Leader
In terms of working habit, Snake people have their own pattern and seldom care about others' ideas and eyes. They always stick to their own ideas and finish the work in their own way. Once they are in leadership, they can give the final word and point out the clear direction for development when the team is in confusion and hesitation.
Religious Work
With a great sixth sense and keen intuition from birth, Snakes can also do the religious work well and enjoy it.

Best Business to Do: Boutique

Nowadays, it is quite common to run a boutique, which is of high profit yet fierce competition. To win more customers, the clothes chosen and the shop window designed shall be unique and trendy. When it comes to aestheticism, no one can match the Snakes who are the best fashion models.

Best Field: Entertainment

Snake people are best at creating a colorful life and the intoxicating and dazzling effect. The entertainment circle full of highlights is the best area for Snakes and no one can replace them! Even if in other industries, they would take the team to recreation with their playful personality and talent in creating terrifying atmosphere, so they may choose the entertainment circle at the very beginning to save time. What's more, they are easy-going and can adapt to the circle. With an open style and flexible attitude, Snakes get popular among people and most importantly, they will have a promising future in the circle.

Career Advice

Usually, Snake people have their own ideas yet it doesn't mean they can be arbitrary: they should listen to their team members! While sticking to their unique working mode, they are suggested to keep pace with others, so as to carry on the work smoothly.

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