Personality for Snake People of A Type Blood

A-type Snake people are cool, patient, persevering, gentle, elegant, alert and resourceful. They are often striking for gorgeous and brilliant dressing and enjoy the attention. However, they are quite vindictive and often put the opponent, even the threatening to death.


Snakes of A-type blood are prudent, honest and brave, and often defend against injustice, thus regarded as the chivalrous people in the public mind. With perseverance, they keep working hard until the set goals are achieved. In love relationship particularly, they would consolidate step by step to control a commanding point once they have a crush on someone. A-type Snakes have drive and energy, courage and ability for work, express their ideas positively and they are good at mobilizing the team to accomplish a task. Therefore, they can easily stand out and get promotion and salary raise. They pursue the high-quality life, have rich knowledge and broad horizon, and often touch the opposite sex with their quick-witted words.


With a strong desire of expression, A-type Snakes can join in any conversation and would spout to attract the audience's attention, making people around feel they are superficially clever and showing off. If things go on like this, they will get lonely and separated. Being tactful is their advantage. But sometimes they are so artful that they leave a bad impression to others, who think they lack of integrity and stay at a respectful distance. A-type Snakes curry favor with the leadership desperately and even betray their friends to get appreciation. Finally, they get promoted but almost lose all the friends. They are very vindictive and become quite destructive once break out.


With flexible thinking and good eloquence, A-type Snake people are suitable to be journalists, customer representatives, PR, diplomats, and lawyers. When it comes to love, the graceful and sociable A-type Snakes are easily attracted to the opposite sex and should sharpen their eyes and start a relationship prudently to avoid someone unsuitable. They are suggested to find a lively, pure, charming and courageous partner. At work, they should try to be independent and down-to-earth, never boast but prove everything with performance to convince leaders and colleagues.

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