Personality for Snake People of O Type Blood

Snake people of O-type blood are mellow, sophisticated, polite and considerate yet unapproachable, sharp-witted and suspicious. They don't trust people and things around and would rather hide away their ability than show it, making others feel mysterious.


O-type Snakes are strong-minded and struggle quietly to stand out. They act as if nothing were on their minds but are actually determined to achieve their goals. Highly self-esteemed and jealous, they never admit defeat but strive for the best at any time. Of course, they are mostly good-natured and kindhearted and never hurt others.


Though they are very polite and courteous, O-type Snakes are apparently unapproachable because they are suspicious and unwilling to express their inner world. Also, they are vain and hate to be surpassed; otherwise, they will feel bad and become vindictive, even towards their friends, colleagues and old classmates. They hate those with great achievements and would revenge by fair means or foul without a trace, thus lonely for the whole life. As for love, Snakes of O-type blood are very possessive and would make every endeavor, even play hard to pursue the one they love. After marriage, they disallow their partners to make any mistake and hate the extramarital affair bitterly. Though obsessed and loyal to love, they are quite suspicious and sometimes don't trust their partners at all, even follow or wiretap, which hurt their love mentally and make themselves feel bad.


O-type Snake people should be more broad-minded and less jealous. Others' achievements are derived from their efforts. O-type Snakes are suggested not to compare with the higher, put away arrogance, learn to be modest and low-key, get close to the nature, smile more and treat others sincerely, because revenge will make them feel bad too. Males are suggested to marry a gentle, virtuous, cheerful, optimistic and family-oriented woman while females are suggested to find a mild, kind, mature, calm, loyal and family-oriented husband, so as to enjoy the long family happiness.