Female Snake Personality Traits

The charming female Snakes always make men lost with their calm, serene and good looks. They are confident and self-assured. Though they often idle about and make others feel they are lazy and seek ease and comfort, they are busy inside. With an outstanding ability of thinking and highly purposeful, they would accomplish the goals they set by all means and success is just as easy as pie for them. However, Snake women are quite jealous and suspicious.

With clear goals for life, female Snakes are good at controlling their own destiny and they know what they really want in life. Then, they set goals and follow the right direction until the goals are achieved. Born with wisdom, they are so adept in disguising that no one can read their minds and everyone consider them the mystic.

Of good and pure quality, female Snakes are courtly and motivated. They know how to enjoy life to the full extent and often make a grand plan for life. In the face of life, they usually act on their own judgment.

In terms of love relationship, the sensible female Snakes would not fall for someone easily but once they do, they will be wholehearted. In a relationship or marriage, they often create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and bring happiness to the relationship.


Snake women are born with charm and they never have to pretend to be charming. Their charm is in many ways, such as taking a tense situation calmly and being considerate, shrewd and capable.

Gentle and Cultivated
Despite the cold or indifferent appearance, female Snakes are gentle and cultivated. Born with the artistic talent, they like all kinds of classic works of art and have a certain artistic level and connoisseurship. They know how to enjoy life, like to taste all kinds of food and live a wonderful life.

Innocent and Elegant
The innocent and elegant Snake women are generally beautiful, gentle and kind-hearted. They are quite gentle and considerate to their lovers and always can take good care of their families, and understand their partners' hard work and their children's rebellion. This is why most of Snake women have a happy family.

Sociable and Wise
Female Snakes are born wise. With special talent, they talk and behave in good manner, are adept in using good communication skills and appropriate words to deal with any situation, and could take a tense situation calmly. It is the excellent communication skills and the flexible mind that enables them to succeed.


The oversensitive female Snakes don't trust anyone and they won't show their sincerity to others. Instead, they usually look at people and things around with blinkers. Even to the closest people, they won't tell their inner thoughts, because they are afraid of being hurt or betrayed by those around.

Female Snakes are very vindictive. When they are offended, they won't show it on the face but keep it in mind and then try to revenge.

Intolerant to Disloyalty
Snake women are the one-man kind. In particular, they never give up in a relationship. When they are abandoned, they just cannot accept it or bear the pain; they are intolerant to any betrayal or disloyalty and would not forgive for the whole life.

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