Monkey's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Monkey: March, April, July and August are auspicious birth months for the Monkey people.
January: Monkeys born in the first lunar month are vigorous, straightforward, honest and generous. With the support of benefactors, however, they have no relatives to depend on and have to travel around to start a business since they can hardly make a career in hometown. Though lucky in making money, sometimes they suffer unexpected financial losses. They are often troubled by minor rather than serious illness.

February Monkeys are intelligent and supported by the last generation. However, their official position and rank will not last long and their fortune will experience ups and downs because of the villains who set them up, betray and play dirty tricks behind, leading to losses. They should watch out, cultivate integrity and honesty, and never care about the immediate interests.
March: March Monkeys are docile, modest, gentle, clever and surpassingly resourceful, thus live a happy life without disasters. They are helped by relatives and friends, get wedded bliss and support from benefactors to succeed in career.
April: April Monkeys are bright, capable and of uncommon brilliance. As busy as a bee, they can hardly make something great or rely on the relatives and won't have their wishes come true or be well-fed until in later life. Throughout the life, they often quarrel with others and suffer minor financial losses.
May: May Monkeys are honest, modest, sociable, polite and ready to offer help, thus supported by others. They spend a tough youth, a better middle age and a well-provided old age with happiness and enjoyment.
June: June Monkeys are contented, unambitious and fond of the stable and peaceful life. Without serious disaster or illness, they are blessed with a happy family, filial children, longevity and blissful old age. Generally, they are leisurely, ordinary and carefree for the whole life.
July: July Monkeys are helped by relatives, enjoy conjugal harmony and have filial children. Though neither marked achievements in career nor lofty aim, they are well-fed and spend a leisurely life without serious disaster.
August: Wise and talented, August Monkeys boast lofty moral character, integrity and humility and get assistance from friends and benefactors to accomplish something and gain both fame and wealth. At home, they are helped by loved ones, and respected by children, thus live a blissed life.
September: As energetic, intellectual and aggressive as they are, September Monkeys lack of support from benefactors and are often frustrated at work. With exalted ambition but no courage, they work prudently and find it hard to succeed. Once they dig into the skills, they will make great achievements.
October: With wit and wisdom, October Monkeys are brilliant, erudite and informed scholars. However, they lack of courage, determination and perseverance of pioneering an enterprise, submit to the will of Heaven and only want a smooth and stable life. Once they size up the situation of the society, they will become well-known big potatoes.
November: November Monkeys are short-tempered, straightforward and talented, but can hardly accumulate a fortune or get help from relatives. Therefore, they have to rely on themselves and develop a career somewhere else. Usually, they have poor luck in youth, good luck in middle age and happy later years.
December: December Monkeys are blessed with happiness and good relatives. In youth, they study hard and gain fame. They are well-known and respected and spend a glorious and peaceful old life.