Snake's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Snake: January, February, March, August, December
January: January Snakes have neither big disasters nor good luck in the whole life. Lively, spirited and aspiring as they are, they find it hard to make something great because of the thorns ahead. Once they come down to earth and never be over-ambitious, they will accomplish something.

February: February Snakes are less blessed, thus always suffer from setbacks and troubles. Quiet and dull, they have no ample scope for abilities. Additionally, they lack of fighting spirit and ideal and only keep on the rails, holding them back from great achievements.

March: March Snakes are blessed though not very rich. Perhaps they are not born with a silver spoon yet have lofty ideals and know clearly about how to act and when to play to the score tactically. Also, they strive for excellence and can make something great on their own even if without assistance from others. They are blessed model of self-dependence and starting from scratch.

April: April Snakes are intelligent, erudite and informed, brave and resourceful, thus better in study and work than others. They can always get what they want and make a grand cause with the help from benefactors.

May: May Snakes are helped by benefactors, always can size up the situation and take the first chance to make a great career. They are usually peaceful, powerful, prosperous and influential.

June: June Snakes are virtuous, powerful and blessed rich people. Indomitable and determined as they are, they dare to challenge, feature the strong leadership skills, can get impressive results and gain both fame and wealth no matter in officialdom or business circle.

July: July Snakes can create a great career. Since they are clever and good at running business, profits will pour in from all sides to them once they choose to run a business. Being of high morality, friendly and honest, they can establish good interpersonal relationships, achieve success and win recognition, and get respect from a lot of people.

August: August Snakes spend a smooth life with everything going well and no big disasters. Agile, smart, good-natured and talented as they are, they develop career smoothly and enjoy a happy and carefree life.

September: September Snakes are versatile, ingenious and of declined ancestral property, thus have to settle down in a foreign land. With limited support from relatives and great help from benefactors, they experience no big disasters in life but benefit nothing from saving others and value righteousness over money. They won't work hard before the age of 33 and will have everything go as desired at the age of 40 or so.

October: October Snakes are ambitious, indomitable, and able to endure hardships. However, they lack of good chances, suffer many hardships and find it more difficult to create a grand course. If they can stay true to the original intention and never give up, they may also accomplish something great.

November: November Snakes are talented and responsible and they hate injustice like poison. The bad temper, however, holds them back from popular support. Being not favored by chances, they suffer a lot in youth and will not have good luck until in old age. They'd better make a living in a foreign land to accomplish something.

December: December Snakes tend to suffer many hardships and troubles in the whole life. Despite the blessing of lucky star, they do not live in ease and comfort. Exercising a combination of inflexibility and yielding, they are generous and steadfast. The great efforts in youth fail to lead to success and the promising career often comes to them in middle age.