The Male Monkey in Love

The alert and resourceful Monkey men are all-rounders in life and they appreciate the wise women who can assist their husbands. They are romantic and very nice to their lovers. Also, male Monkeys are less practical for love and tend to be fickle and demanding. They love freedom and freshness and hate to be constrained; they are so moody that no one can be in the grip of their temperament. In addition, Monkey men can be jealous of their lovers' close friends of the opposite sex.

Male Monkeys' Attitude towards Love

Male Monkeys are smart, lively and active and they often offer help to their partners both in life and work, enabling the latter to be full of happiness and enjoy every day. They are humorous enough to bring joys to life, share funny things with their loved ones and assist their partners to overcome difficulties and get rid of trouble. Therefore, it is always a good decision to marry a Monkey man. For them, a favorable affectionate atmosphere and mutual care are essential to love relationship. If their lovers become more and more bad-tempered and get angry every now and then, they would not stand it.

How Should Male Monkeys Maintain Love Relationship?

Men under the Monkey sign are good at surprising their girlfriends and it is quite exciting to run a relationship with them. They are too obsessed to fresh things and can hardly settle down, so their romances are transitory. If they can be more patient, slow down to wait for people around and enjoy the scenery along the way more, the relationship will be improved and their love will be better and better.

How to Know How Much a Male Monkey Loves You

Born to be easy-going, big-hearted and humorous, Monkey men can easily make others feel relaxed and happy. If your boyfriend under the Monkey sign acts cute and makes you laugh, you may probably his ideal lover. Since he knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere and produce humors for you, all your trouble would go away once you stay with him.

What Kind of Women Do Monkey Men Like?

1) Kind and Sincere Women
With a fine sense of humor, Monkey men are usually the joy of everybody but they are sometimes selfish, so they wish to marry the kind and sincere women and dislike the affected and hypercritical girls. 
2) Eloquent Women
The clever male Monkeys are glib-tongued and good at communication and dealing with complex interpersonal relationship. In daily life, they are easily attracted by the eloquent women who are equal in match rather than the dull and ineloquent girls. 
3) Smart Women
The smart Monkey men are open to challenges and unknown things in life, thus favor the clever women who create difficulties for them. Besides, they attach great importance to fame and fortune and hope their partners can be smart and manage finances skillfully. Because of this, they like women who are as smart as them. 

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