When Will You Get Married?

Marriage Age Prediction by Palmistry

Marriage is one of the most important events in our life. Some people get married early while some are left over. If you are worrying about when you will get married, you can read your palms to know the answer. Marriage line, heart line and finger length can tell when you are most likely to get married. To a certain degree, they may suggest whether you will get married early or late.

Marriage Line Reveals the Marriage Age

Fig 1
Marriage line are the little lines on the edge of a palm, below the pinkie indicating the marriage-related issues such as marriage age, marriage times and marriage status.

Long Marriage Line Suggests Early Marriage and Vice Versa
If you have a clear and long marriage line, you may meet the right one and fall in love at first sight before the age of 25, thus get married early and live a happy marriage life. On the contrary, the short and unclear marriage line is a symbol of immature marriage and suggests you don't care about love or you are impatient in the pursuit of love; or, you just admire the opposite sex and still have immature physiological status, thus can hardly meet the right one but get married very late. (Fig 1)

Fig 2
Marriage Line Position
If your marriage line is located right in the middle of little finger and heart line, you will get married neither late nor early (between 25 and 30); the marriage line closer to the heart line suggests sexual precocity and fast development and indicates you want to fall in love as early as possible, leading to the early marriage. The marriage line closer to the little finger, however, suggests frigidity and slow development and indicates that you like to be alone and are indifferent to the opposite sex's care, thus often get married late or even never get married. (Fig 2)

If you have multiple marriage lines, the one most obvious and close to the heart line shall prevail.
Marriage Line Decurved and Intersected with Heart Line Suggests Early Marriage

Fig 3
If your marriage line is decurved and intersected with heart line, you may think about get married after starting a relationship, thus have an early marriage. (Fig 3)

Two or More Marriage Lines Suggest Late Marriage
If you have two or more marriage lines, your love may not go as you wish but often have troubles; your road to marriage will be full of twists and turns, so you will get married late.

Intermittent Marriage Line Suggests Late Marriage
The intermittent marriage line suggests the twists and turns in love; you may often break up and are not free to marry, thus always get married late.

Fig 6

Fig 5

Fig 4
Chain Shaped Marriage Line Suggests Early Marriage
If you marriage line is chain shaped and has many branches, you may devote too much to love and fall deep in love once you meet the right one. After starting the relationship, you will feel he/she is the only marriage partner, thus get married early. (Fig 4)

Marriage Line with Forked End Suggests Late Marriage
If you have a marriage line with forked end, you may fall in love with two at the same time and don't know which one to choose; you will feel lost in love and dare not get married rashly, thus get married late. (Fig 5)

Marriage Line with Horizontal T Shaped End Suggests Late Marriage (Fig 6)

Relationship Lines Reveals the Marriage Age

Fig 7
Relationship Line refers to the straight or arc line running from the Luna Mount towards the center of the palm. If you have multiple relationship lines of various lengths, you will be very charming and popular among others, especially the opposite sex.

Where the relationship lines intersect with the fate line, you will be blessed by the propitious star governing marriages and get married early if the intersection is at the lower position; on the contrary, you will get married late if the intersection is at the higher position.

If the relationship lines do not intersect with the fate line, you may be loved by many opposite sex but cannot be madly in love or get married with any of them due to the poor luck in marriage. (Fig 7)

Heart Line Reveals the Marriage Age

Fig 9

Fig 8
Heart Line with Several Tail Branches Suggests Early Marriage
Boasting the heart line with several tail branches, you are considerate, gentle, cheerful, generous and positive, thus very popular among friends of all ages. Sometimes, you may attract the opposite sex with a simple action and you can respect, cooperate and satisfy your lover both mentally and physically, leading to a happy marriage. Due to your open character, good interpersonal relationship and delicate affection, you are more likely to get married early. (Fig 8)

Heart Line Curving Towards the Thumb Suggests Late Marriage
With the heart line curving towards the thumb, you often focus on work in life and are shy in the face of love, seemingly a little passive, even if you are ready to help others; you are indifferent to the opposite sex and cannot express your love positively and directly, thus always in unrequited love. The one you love tends to leave before your clear declaration, making you miss the opportunity and get married late. (Fig 9)

The Finger Length Reveals the Marriage Age

The finger length also indicates the early or late marriage.

Longer Ring Finger and Little Finger Suggest Early Marriage
Longer ring finger indicates the artistic temperament and elegant manner. If you have longer ring finger, you tend to be romantic and attractive to your lover and fall in love or get married early. If you have longer little finger, you tend to be eloquent and smart and have the potential attractive to the opposite sex, thus more likely to get married early.

Longer Index Finger Suggests Late Marriage
With longer index finger, you are ambitious and competitive, go after fame and money and devote yourself to career regardless of the fleeting time. In this way, you may miss the prime marriage age and be left over for late marriage.

Longer index finger or ring finger means the length exceeds 1/2 of the first section of middle finger; longer little finger means the length exceeds the tail end of the first section of ring finger.

Note: The above way is about how to calculate marriage age in palmistry, it's one of the ways to know when will you get married. There are also other ways to predict such as marriage age prediction by date of birth. You'd better use more ways to predict instead of using only one.

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