What Does Each Finger Represent?

There are five fingers in a hand, each with its own mission, expression and personality. Let's take a look at the messages each finger conveys to us.


The thumb represents earth in the Five Elements, which governs fertility. So, the thumb indicates parents and parenting. People are nurtured by their parents when are young. So, the thumb also symbolizes the foundation and the god of protection.
The thumb corresponds to the spleen and stomach of the five internal organs, and shows the will. The thumb is firm, thick, without scars, full and moist, representing a good luck in the childhood; after growing up, their financial luck is often good; those people with the flat, thin and rough thumb have mediocre financial fortune.
The thumb reveals the energy of a person's life, which can reflect the traits inherited from the parents. The first knuckle represents willpower, perseverance and patience. The second knuckle represents decisiveness, adaptability and intelligence. A person with two equal knuckles on the thumb has balanced willpower and decisiveness; a person with a long first knuckle has strong willpower and is not afraid of failure, but often lacks rational judgment in dealing with things; a person with a long second knuckle is highly intelligent and smart, thinks clearly, understands well, and is calm and composed; a person with a longer first knuckle than the second knuckle has a spirit and personality influenced by his mother; a person whose second knuckle is longer than the first knuckle is more influenced by the father in psychology and personality.
When a person stretches out the palm, the larger the angle between the thumb and the other four fingers, the more independent and responsible their personality is, the less they like to be bound, the more creative they are, and the more they like to play freely. On the contrary, it indicates that they are conservative, dependent and lack of creativity.

Index Finger

The index finger represents wood in the Five Elements, which dominates the liver and gallbladder and the soul. The index represents youth and sibling relationships. In palmistry, the index finger usually signifies the desire for dominance and power, ambition, self-esteem and boldness. Therefore, people with longer index fingers are more tenacious, ambitious and bold, and many police officers have such fingers.
If the index finger is straight and long, it means that such people have good fortune in their youth, good health, success in school, good career, good siblings or friends who are helpful to them, and they are serious and responsible in relationships.
If the index fingers are crooked and short, it means that these people have bad luck, poor health, hard work and little success during their youth.
A person whose index finger tip exceeds two-thirds of the first knuckle of the middle finger is ambitious and has great ups and downs during the youth.
A person whose index finger is longer than his ring finger has the ability to govern and manage his subordinates, but will not continue his father's business and will start his own business from scratch.

Middle Finger

The middle finger represents fire in the Five Elements, which rules the heart and the sprit. The middle finger, also called the Saturn finger, is the center of the five fingers, symbolizing the middle age period and one's destiny. It is the master of knowledge and cultivation, innate pessimistic component, attitude towards life, steadiness, prudence, thoughtfulness, depression, loneliness, etc.
People with thicker and longer middle fingers than ordinary people are cautious and not good at social activities, and prefer a quiet life of solitude. If a woman has a descending line from the second joint, it means she suffers from infertility.
If the middle finger is too short, it means impatience and impulsiveness, which will affect personal achievement. Therefore, such people must properly restrain and regulate their emotions and feelings, otherwise they will easily do things that they will regret.
People with straight and long middle fingers that are not crooked have good fortune in middle age, good health, a prosperous career and good financial fortune. In addition, it means that they have a careful mind and can fulfill duties from beginning to end. On the contrary, it means that their luck in middle age is not good, their health is not good, they are dependent, they are prone to change their mind and unable to be persistent from the beginning to the end.

Ring Finger

The ring finger represents gold in the Five Elements, and it rules the lung and gold, representing the prime of life and spousal relationship. The ring finger symbolizes a person's artistic talent, popularity and wealth. The ring finger signifies brothers, spouses and children, which is a mirror to see the woes and fortunes after the age of forty.
People with long and straight ring fingers have good fortune in the prime of life, good health, prosperous career, happy family, happy marriage, and a good spouse. It also represents a good artistic vision and aesthetics.
The length of the ring finger should reach the middle line of the first knuckle of the middle finger to meet the standard. A person with an excessively long ring finger has a strong sense of superiority, a passion for art and adventure, and even addiction to gambling, who does not take money seriously.
Those with a short ring finger lack the ability to appreciate the art of living and have a dull life, and they also have an innate lack of vitality in health.
The ring finger leaning towards the middle finger means that these people are prone to stick to their own opinions when taking a different position. The ring finger leaning towards the little finger that represents wealth means that they know how to use art to make money. It also means that these people have a unique artistic vision and aesthetics.

Little Finger

The little finger is the shortest among the five fingers, and it represents water in the Five Elements, which is related to kidney water. It stands for children and the younger generation, and it is also a symbol of old age. It represents a person's social skills, talent, wealth, and ability to handle things.
The longer the little finger, the more talented and wealthier the people are, and the more rounded they are in the way of doing things. It is better if the little finger is firm, straight and even in length and thickness. It is very fortunate to have a straight and long little finger.
People with a distorted and short little finger have bad luck and poor health in old age, and they need to pay attention to the health care in the aspect of respiratory system or gastrointestinal system.
A person whose tip of the little finger exceeds the first knuckle of the ring finger can develop in the field of public office or business, and they can become rich and prosperous.
People with the tip of the little finger not exceeding the first knuckle line of the ring finger are more suited for careers without constraints, such as business, teachers, doctors, scientists, artists, etc.
If the little finger and the ring finger are clearly separated, it means that such people do not like to be restrained, their thoughts are free and flexible, and they have strong self-confidence; if the little finger and the ring finger are close together, they are less confident, shy, and they need the support of others to act bravely.

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