What Does the Size of Your Hand Say about You?

Small Hands or Big Hands?

Which kind of hand is good, the big one or the small one? As the saying goes, the big hand grasps wood while the small hand catches gold; the big grasps earth while the small catches fortune. Both sayings indicate that people with small hands have better fate than those with big hands. This kind of saying is reasonable to some extent because from the perspective of palmistry, you people with big hands are prudent in everything but do not have the courage of burning your bridge, thus often lose the opportunity of making a fortune; those with small hands are ambitious and would never lose any opportunity of getting promoted or wealth, thus often get continuous wealth but may suffer investment failure due to the arbitrary decisions. Therefore, just as every bean has its black, both big and small hands have advantages and disadvantages; once the hands are harmonious with other parts of your body, you will have a good fate. Big body with small hands or small body with big hands breaks the balance. As the palmistry saying goes, people with small body but big hands often waste money while people with big body but small hands are often poor.

How to judge hand size?

There is no fixed standard in the judgment of the hand size, which is similar with the judgment of fat and thin hands since the size of the hand depends on your stature. The hand size of people with similar stature can be compared once they are at the same position to make the relatively accurate judgment.

Big Hands Meaning

People with Small Body But Big Hands Often Waste Money

1. According to traditional Chinese culture, people with big hands tend to waste money excessively and don't restrain the spending. The Chinese idiom "big hands and feet" means spending extravagantly and it proves the above saying. Usually, you people of this kind have good luck in wealth but you like to spend, thus often live beyond your income. Also, you often spend regardless of the consequences; in modern saying, you are a Moonlite (living from paycheck to paycheck). The proverb "big hands catch grass and little hands grasp treasure" has the same meaning.

2. Comparing with the body, you people with relatively big hands are narrow-minded and prudent and you will never act out without the careful planning, thus suitable for elaborate work and have strong analytical skills. You are conservative and have low demand for material; if you are a woman, you will be immature in handling interpersonal relationships.

Small Hands Meaning

People with Big Body But Small Hands Are Often Poor

1. On the contrary, you people with big body but small hands appear to be petty and stingy, thus often in poverty.

2. Comparing with the body, you people with relatively small hands are quick-minded, adaptable, decisive, and impulsive and have nothing to fear; you are bold and open-minded, and you like the decisive work.

Women with Small Hands: You women with small hands are not good at sewing and cooking, thus not suitable for the system work but the job related to production and foreign relations.

Men with Small Hand: Instead, you men with relatively small hands and well-balanced hand shape will get great wealth. The hand in slight red is a symbol of great fortune. As the saying goes, the small hands can grasp a lot of wealth; it doesn't mean getting a lot of wealth directly but refers to the accumulation of wealth and you never spend money foolishly, thus you will be rich in the future.
You men with small hands are always small-sized, so you will not have advantage if you make a living with your body in the competitive society; instead, you should use your head and compete with your resourcefulness. Therefore, you people with small hands can get great wealth.

Medium-Size Hands Meaning

You people with proper hand size are knowledgeable and good at conducting in the society; if you are rational and tolerate, you will get success once you are determined and stick to one thing. If your hands are elastic and solid, you will have a prosperous future.

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