4 Trines of Chinese Zodiac Signs (San He - 三合)

The ancient Chinese sages who studied destiny believed that: the human destiny was determined by heaven, and the acquired factors only played a limited role; fortune and individual reinforced/counteracted each other. Therefore, a compatible zodiac sign would be very helpful for fortune, interpersonal relationship, marriage and family.
Those with certain knowledge of heavenly stems and earthly branches know that there are Four Compatible Groups/4 Trines (San He 三合 - Three Harmonies) of earthly branch or Chinese zodiac. San He is a species (Minghe) as open as the day. It's the auspicious match of three zodiac signs.
Four Trines of Chinese Zodiac
First Trine: RatDragonMonkey: compatible water group, symbolizing the deep and lasting affection. 
Second Trine: OxSnakeRooster: compatible metal group, symbolizing increasing wealth and thriving business. 
Third Trine: TigerHorseDog: compatible fire group, symbolizing dynamic and prosperous career.
Fourth Trine: RabbitSheepPig: compatible wood group, symbolizing brilliant, soaring and boundless career.
Any one in a compatible group of San He will consider the other two as his/her friends, because they are like-minded in thinking, values, habit, action and so on. What is the age gap of San He? The answer is four or eight years! As the Chinese saying goes, it's a heaven-made match if the age gap is 4 or 8-year.

What are the benefits of San He?

In intimate relationship, San He is similar to the love between mother and son. It is a kind of direct compatibility, which means getting on well, easy communication and mutual promotion.
In Chinese astrology, San He mainly has the following three benefits:
1. Improve the fortune ;
2. Get help from others and increase popularity;
3. Reduce disaster and turn ill luck into good.
No one can succeed without the help of others. It is very important to maintain a good interpersonal relationship and a favorable pattern of Five Elements. If a company has a team composed of members of zodiac signs in Four Compatible Groups, the team will have excellent cohesion and fighting spirit; also, the members can complement each other in individual intelligence and technical expertise, learn from each other, work together and get on very well.
Generally speaking, every three signs in the same group are just like best friends sharing similar values, thinking or behavioral habits and they are more congenial than other signs. It can be said they are the best partner for each other. It is said that people's life is predestined, but fortune can be changed. Finding a compatible sign of San He is the key to change.

Which one is better, San He or Liu He?

Either San He or Liu He is good. But on the whole, San He is better than Liu He in marriage. Liuhe is the love between husband and wife, which is the love we often say. When the disaster comes, they will choose to fly alone. This kind of love is the beauty of fireworks; while Sanhe is similar to the love between mother and son, which has been sublimated from love to family affection. No matter how serious the problems are, even if the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten, they will stay together. In all, San He represents eternity. In love compatibility, San He is better than Liu He.

Lucky Charms of Four Compatible Groups

Sanhe Three Harmonies Zodiac Symbol Bracelet for Good Luck in Love, Career, Wealth, Health Top 7A Tiger's Eye Natural Stone Sanhe Three Harmonies Zodiac Symbol Bracelet for Man
A lucky charm of compatible sign can alleviate the bad luck a lot when you are in a bad year. In simple language, it means your disaster will be significantly reduced since it is shared by three people; if you have good luck and everything goes well, such a lucky charm can win you help from another two, and further improve your fortune. And this is the magic effect of compatible zodiac signs in four groups.
For those in poor health, a lucky charm of San He can enhance the energy and drive away evil spirits. For those with poor luck in making money, such a lucky charm can improve the luck for wealth and fill the Wealth House. For those who are in poor interpersonal relationships and often pushed out, such a lucky charm can enhance popularity and improve interpersonal relationship. For those who are frustrated in career, family or love relationship, wearing a lucky charm of San He can turn ill luck into good, promote the business and make the family prosperous!

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