Lucky Moles on Face

Mole in Hair

In physiognomy, the black mole hidden in hair by the hairline suggests the good luck; the deeper it is hidden, the better. Also, the black and glossy mole is the best while the dull colored is inferior.

Mole on Eyebrow

The mole hidden inside the eyebrow is just like a treasured pearl. People with such a mole are usually brilliant and tend to study well, have higher education background and make great achievements in literature and education. Men with a mole on eyebrow are generally ambitious, high-profile, decisive and able to lead subordinates to work actively, thus can make a rise in life and do something great.

Mole on the End of Eyebrow

The latter half of the eyebrow is called rosy cloud in face reading, which is a symbol of one's sense and talent. A good mole here suggests happiness, good interpersonal relationship and talent in doing business. A bad mole in dull color, however, indicates one of the brothers or sisters will meet with misfortune or the person is prone to limb injury or extramarital affair, especially at the age of 33 and 34.

Mole on Ear Lobe

The ear lobe itself suggests the good luck and a mole on it makes the luck even better. People with a mole on ear lobe are gentle, long-lived and have no lack of money. Also, the mole on the helix or in the ear is also good: the one on the helix symbolizes intelligence & filial piety while the latter indicates longevity.

Mole on Temple

In physiognomy, the temple is regarded as the Travelling Palace which represents one's travel, promotion and immigration. A black and shiny mole here suggests the good luck for developing in a place far away, going abroad and immigration. Those with such a mole usually get help from others. A good mole on the temple symbolizes the benefit in travel or profit in a distant place while a bad mole here indicates the setbacks in travel or doing business far away.

Mole on Cheek

The mole on cheek is good for career and suggests a certain position in the workplace and great achievements in career. Men with such a mole are quite motivated, have many chances for success in career, work like a duck to water and tend to be good leaders. They are handsome and respected by the crowd.

Mole on Mouth Corner

The mole on mouth corner, generally near the lower lip, is regarded as the gourmet mole in folk, which is a sign of lifelong enjoyment of delicious food. In modern society, this kind of mole represents a rich material life with inexhaustible materials like car, house, food and beautiful clothing.

Mole on Upper Lip

The black and shiny mole on upper lip suggests the person has less troubles, is good at enjoying life and know food very well, hence a frequenter to dinners.

Mole on Chin

The mole on chin is a symbol of wealth while the one around the chin suggests the rich fixed assets and good luck in real estate investment. People with such a mole are good at winning support from others and usually assisted by the pretty good subordinates. Though plain-looking, they are more likely to inherit a great legacy. Generally speaking, they are learned, have a good taste of life and enjoy the lifelong wealth.

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Mole on the bridge but right side (3 Replies ) Asked by L*** | 4/5/2021 10:44:52 AM

Hello, I have a big or medium size black mole on the center bridge of my nose but right side. What does it mean? It is lucky or not?