Face Reading Lips

Lip Color

The lip color is a symbol of one's vigor, which is especially important for women. The rosy lips suggest the noble husband while the dull-red lips indicate the unhappy marriage and no child to rely on.

The pale mouth corners suggest the poor marriage, spleen and lung. Spleen indicates the family ties while lung suggests the family order. If both spleen and lung are weak, the marriage will be definitely unhappy.

The shocking pink lips are a sign of insufficient lung-Qi.

The dark lips indicate the weak heart.

The purple lips suggest the hot temper and heart problems to beware of. In terms of social contact, the purple lips indicate the seemingly good but bad relationship. People with purple lips tend to argue a point to death and know nothing about when to retreat.


The thickness of lips is quite critical. People with thick/protruding upper lip attach great importance to affection while those with thick/protruding lower lip value desires. Those with thick upper and lower lips are passionate while people with thin lips are introverted. For example, the Southeast Asians and black people with thick lips are passionate while British people with thin lips are introverted.
Thick Lips
People with thick lips are practical, kind, sentimental, not good at expression yet enthusiastic, considerate, optimistic, contented and devoted; sometimes, they are so sentimental that they lose the rational judgment. They cannot afford to flirt with others and tend to be fooled and get into troubles easily. Also, they have strong appetite and lust.

Thin Lips
Those with thin lips are quick-witted, ingenious, practical and realistic and can always draw inferences about other cases from one instance. Meanwhile, they are straightforward, argumentative, and unreliable and like to carry tales. Slightly self-interested, they have weak ties of friendship and lack of enthusiasm and responsibility.

Thick Upper Lip and Thin Lower Lip
The thick upper lip and thin lower lip belong to the devoted people who take the initiative to care about others, make earnest efforts to promote public good and believe paying is better than gaining.

Thin Upper Lip and Thick Lower Lip
The thin upper lip and thick lower lip suggest the attending of servants at home, support from benefactors outside and lifelong care from others. This type of lips is commonly seen in the entertainment circle.

Lip Type

For a man, the upper lip represents himself and father and the lower represents his mother and wife. If the upper lip covers the lower, it means the longevity of himself and father; on the contrary, it means the longevity of his mother and wife. For a woman, the upper lip represents her father and husband while the lower represents herself and mother. If the lower lip covers the upper, it means the bad luck to husband and father, which is especially obvious between the age of 51 and 55.

Pouting Lips
The pouting lips belong to those who are positive and enthusiastic rather than niggling; they lead a hard life, have unstable luck, make no account of personal enjoyment, and lack of uniform thought and goal. When it comes to love relationship, they are pure-minded, resigned to the situation, and plan to get married without hesitation once they meet the right one. The pouting lower lip suggests the high possibility of extramarital affair while the pouting upper lip for women indicates the poor health and C-section.

Protruding Lips
The protruding upper lip belongs to the coward, weak-willed and indecisive people who depend on others and are usually used by others both in work and love.

The protruding lower lip belongs to the selfish and suspicious people who are unamiable and short-tempered, often quarrel with others, and would rather enjoy rights than fulfill obligations. Since they are overly confident and go their own ways, they are prone to the failure in career and marriage. Also, they are self-interested and often sacrifice others for their own good.

Lip Line

The wave shaped lip line (zipped) belongs to those who are confident, reliable and blessed with first-class eloquence and debate competence yet poor ability in financial management.

The flat lip line (zipped) belongs to those who are conservative, prudent, patient and persistent but a little stubborn and arrogant.


Moles on lip: suggest the person has gourmet's luck but has to beware of gastrointestinal discomfort and food allergy. Also, he/she should keep an eye on the disaster emanating from careless talk and avoid playing at waterfront alone.

Moles around lip: the moles around the lip indicate the dispute and difficulty in getting on well with others. Generally, people with a mole around lip tend to argue a point to death, value wealth greatly and suffer unexpected financial losses easily. The mole represents the spleen and stomach disease and it indicates the person should get angry less.

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