hi im a horse and i find i have more sorrownesss


than joys in life how do i make myself happy

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It's not only the horse zodiac decides you have more sorrownesss. The enviroment,family and more aspects decide your personality. The following ways can help you make happy:

1. Have a good attitude. It is the key to be happy and have a good attitude if you want to be free from worries and worries every day.

2. Be good at venting your inner pressure. When encountering grievances, learn to find the right way to vent. Don't keep piling up in your heart.

3. Learn to talk to others. Everyone has his or her own best friend and confidant. You can talk to people you trust when you encounter something unpleasant.

4. Read more books. Books are our best friends when we encounter problems and can't solve them.

5. Cultivate more hobbies can help you keep healthy in heart.
I see the future it isn't good but, for example i sense my parents death that will be sorrowful. does carrying things till the end means bad things or positive things? I sense without my parents i will cry but if i have doctors with me probably not and my bro and money !!

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