will i be able to find a job here in cebu city as soon as possible


i just left the company i worked with and maybe im tired of all the adversities ive been into will be able to find a better job after this.. will i be working in a new field, will ill be accepted on some companies i applied for?

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Hi John,

What's your date of birth? In fact, if you want to work in a different field, you need to have some experiences about the new field. If you don't have, it's hard to be accepted by companies.

If you don't like your work, you are suggested to spend some time to learn more about the work you want to do and enrich yourself about the related knowledge to increase the chance.
july 18, 1972
my other question was will i be able to have a chance to see the guy i loved for 2 years , will there be a chance that we reunite after our break up 4 months ago
he was born April 19, 1998 and i was born july 18, 1972

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