Meaning of Red Moles


I HAVE RED MOLES right side of forehead and near navel

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From the perspective of physiognomy, red moles are more likely to have auspicious meanings than black moles. This is because red itself is a festive color, and has similar fortune-symbol characteristics in feng shui. Therefore, the red mole means good luck and the prosperous fortune. The forehead is the main part of career, work and status. If there is a red mole there, it means that the auspicious star is bright and strong, and the job is relatively smooth, and you are easy to be taken care of by the boss. In all the mole on the right side of forehead is beneficial to your career luck.

Although the mole near nevel is rare, people with red moles in this place usually could bring fortune to husband. Generally, their husbands can be promoted soon after they get married. Because of their good luck, this kind of female has a great chance to enter a rich family.

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