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Can you explain how to read the "detail" table of the Chinese calendar on this site? For example, on Sept 17, what does the first column mean? I think it says that it is BAD for a rat, but also that it has auspicious activities. How can it be BAD and also be AUSPICIOUS? How are you meant to read the whole table? Another example, if you are wood, you should look at all the columns that say wood is good? Or just look at the animal? Thank you.

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Rat is Zi Time(23:00-00:59) in Chinese astrology. Each two-hour period is given the name of one of the 12 zodiac signs. It doesn't mean calsh Rat. For the first column, the Horse born in 1942 and 2002 should avoid doing things like Wedding Moving, Residence Relocation, Decorating House, Business Trading, Funeral...listed in Auspicious events.

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