Strongest element is lucky element?


Hello! I'm very new to Bazi and was reading my chart but I'm a bit confused and have a question about it... because I think that my strong day master is actually my lucky element as well? I've read that you want the elements in your chart to be balanced right? Well, my chart has a LOT of fire and earth. Yin fire daymaster, yang fire hour + month on the heavenly stems, yang fire hour on the earthly branches as well, and then I have 3 earth elements on my earthly branches. Born in a metal year so overall I have 4 fire, 3 earth, 1 metal, and 0 wood + water.

Based on this I would think that wood and water are good elements for me as they provide balance to my strong chart but I was reading through my journals & events of my life and thinking otherwise... the best years of my life so far have been 2016 & 2017, which were both fire years, and the absolute worst year of my life was 2014, a wood year, with 2015 not being much better either. Looking at events throughout my life, the best events of my life have often been in fire or earth months, and the worst being in wood months once again. I'm not sure about water yet because what I've seen is too mixed, maybe I'll have more clarity after 2022-2023 though. And finally, I've had wood in my luck pillars since I was 2 years old (I am now 21 so it's ending soon) but my upbringing was horrible and life has had so many downs in ways I can't even get into. I don't mean this in a sad way because I am a very optimistic person, actually, and I know my future is looking bright in spite of it. I'm just being realistic and thinking that it seems pretty unlikely for my life to actually get worse as I exit these wood luck pillars... I would hope so anyway.

I have a very limited knowledge so far and I know that looking at the animals adds a whole layer that I haven't even considered yet. But from the little I do understand right now, I'm just wondering why it seems like the best times of my life so far have been during fire years or months when fire is already so strong in my chart? Why wood has been so negative? I wish I had more to say about water but I do not yet. Some very good months in my life have been earth months as well despite it also being prominent in my chart.

Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have some insight about this!

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Hello my name is Samira, I'm not an astrologer but I think I can help you understand why the years 2016 and 2017 were good for you. By analyzing the data you provided, I could see that your daymaster is quite strong, in fact, because you are of the dragon zodiac sign, I can assume that 2016 and 2017 were auspicious for you not because they are from the year of fire, but because were the years of the monkey and the rooster, both are compatible with your sign. And the explanation for you living bad times in the wood age is because your DM already has the necessary strength, thus making wood and fire incompatible with you, the best elements for you are earth, metal and water, to balance the energy of your bazi. As for your pillar, you shouldn't worry, because as you said, two woods have already passed, then water comes, which as I said will be very good for you. I hope I have helped you in some way.
Thank you for this answer Samira it makes a lot of sense and helps a lot.

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